Good Shipper Relationships Ease Headaches of Online Automotive Parts Logistics

Selling automotive parts online has been game-changing for customers, but it can quickly become a logistical nightmare for sellers.

Boxes and bags of every conceivable size, shape and weight make it hard to predict shipping costs, ultimately reducing your margins across the board when what looked like a big sale throws you into the red.

Better Shipping Options for Online Automotive Parts Sellers

You love cars, and why shouldn’t you, but selling automotive parts has become more than a hobby. It’s a huge job and every time you ship another big order, you’re reminded of what you hate about the business you once enjoyed. Shipping is nearly unpredictable, plus you’re starting to run out of storage for inventory. There has to be a better way to do this.

ShipWizard is an expert in online automotive parts logistics, shipping out car parts daily. Because of our experience and our great shipper relationships, we can provide your automotive parts business with the best prices possible.

There’s more than one way to ship a car when you have a 3PL that:

Although we’re always on the hunt for new, faster and more data-driven shippers, we still maintain relationships with the old ones, too. This allows us to keep our shipping rates as low as possible, whether your parts are going via an old familiar or an up and coming member of the supply chain.

Clients often find it surprising how much they can save over shipping on their own. This is in part because we can guarantee shippers more filled space, giving us a bulk shipping rate. The more trucks we can fill, the cheaper it gets!

Your oddly shaped parts are the most troublesome part of your logistics, we feel your pain. That’s why we have software for cartonization, which basically asks our computers to pick a box that will protect and house an order within the least volume possible. After all, shippers charge by the square inch and the pound these days.

Some 3PLs will scoff at shipping big items by freight, like that engine block you have stashed in the corner. Our supply chain goes all the way across the spectrum, from the smallest items to the biggest. Never doubt that if you can get it in, we can ship it out!

Online automotive parts logistics can be a real challenge, especially when your business is going through a growth spurt. Now’s a great time to forge a long-term relationship with a 3rd party logistics company like ShipWizard that can negotiate and arrange special shipments to get your parts out fast and with a predictable price tag attached.

We are committed to you and your business.

We can provide you with the storage you need, the data you want and the shipping prices you can grow with.