Beauty Supply Inventory Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult to Track

Beauty Supplies Inventory

Managing your beauty supply inventory in your warehouse can be a daunting task. So many little items are so easy to pick inaccurately, resulting in customer frustration that can hurt your reputation.

Better Inventory Management for Beauty Supplies

Warehousing and distributing beauty supplies can be an incredibly rewarding and frustrating scenario. On one hand, you’re playing an important role in helping people feel great in their own skin, but on the other, you have a lot of tiny items that look an awful lot alike to keep straight. Oh, and don’t forget that they’re marching toward expiration as you try to keep everything organized as a first-in, first-out system.

You don’t have to keep up the struggle. Instead, you go source the best products anywhere for your customers and let ShipWizard take care of the little stuff, like lipsticks, lotions and mascara. A family-owned and –operated business, we’ve been doing this since 1974, and in all that time we’ve figured out how to help the distribution processes of companies like yours.

Our intuitive inventory management system not only knows which case should be opened next, it knows the difference between colors like “Silhouette” and “Supermodel” without even having to check the caps.

Photo by kinkate from Pexels

Here are a few more ways we can help you stay on top of your beauty supply inventory management:

When you have a shop, you want to keep selling more of what’s popular and dump the stuff that isn’t moving. After all, that’s just good sense. Our real-time inventory tracking checks items into and out of your warehouse, so you always know which items are really on fire.

Along with the real-time inventories, we can take historical sales data and use it to streamline your restocks. Maybe you don’t really need to store 10 pallets of “Pegasus” eyeshadow because you tend to only sell about six before they expire. We strive to keep your warehousing costs fair and your inventory level.

Speaking of expiring inventory, our goal is to minimize your losses whenever possible. That “FIFO” inventory movement dream you always had is our reality every day. Our systems know the expiration date of each item in your beauty warehouse and are always actively moving the oldest ones to the front of the fulfillment line.

Even the best of times leave a little room for loss. Maybe customers suddenly turned away from your best-selling moisturizer in favor of the latest thing. You couldn’t have predicted it, but something has to be done with the expired lots. Our reverse logistics arm can help you with efficient disposal that minimizes environmental impact.

We are committed to you and your business.

You don’t need the added stress of trying to manage your beauty supply inventory on your own. Call in the pros! ShipWizard has all the tools, skilled labor and space you’ll ever need, just drop us a line.