Complete the Look With Beauty Supply Fulfillment

Retail Beauty Supply

As a beauty supply retailer, you know that the details matter. If they aren’t right, you might as well not bother leaving your house. Well, we feel the same way about fulfillment. If we don’t get the little things right, the rest isn’t going to just magically follow. That’s why we created a special set of protocols for retail beauty supply products fulfillment like yours.

Attention to Detail is Key in Beauty Supply Fulfillment

Instead of sticking them in the back of a warehouse somewhere, ShipWizard carefully catalogs your beauty supplies. Each pallet gets a detailed entry in our warehouse system that includes the product SKU, a description of the item, the expiration date and the storage location in the warehouse. This way, we can keep a close eye on your products and rotate the pallets correctly.

There’s no value to a totally random rotation when it comes to items that expire. Instead, we practice a “FIFO” (first in-first out) workflow, so that the first items that enter the warehouse are the first to leave. This practice helps you get the most value out of your products and minimizes waste and loss.

When those beauty products are brought to the pick floor to fulfill your orders, each is matched to a bar code so we know that we’ve put the correct item in the correct bin. After all, in the right lighting, the color Aphrodisiac looks just like the color Divine Rose to the untrained eye. That’s why we don’t rely on human eyes alone, our electronic eyes double check everything we do.

Retail Beauty Supply

When All Eyes Are On You, It Has to Be Right

Retail Beauty Supply

Because many products in the world of retail beauty supply look so much alike, completely manual pickers make frequent mistakes. This is due both to the issue noted above: some beauty products are nearly indistinguishable in the package. So when pickers go to collect an order up, they might grab Aphrodisiac instead of Divine Rose and never realize it.

Even the best pickers can’t pick the right items when the mix-up happens between the warehouse and the pick floor. Would you know if the bin was full of the wrong cosmetic color just by looking?

That’s why we utilize technology at every single step of the pick, pack and ship process. Literally from the moment your items come into the warehouse, we’re tracking them, making measurements and taking every possible opportunity to insure that mix-ups don’t occur. After all, all eyes are on you, and by extension, us.

Quick, Accurate Orders Look Great On You!

We work hard to minimize your environmental impact from unsold beauty supplies that have to be disposed of because they’ve expired. Proper rotation is not only a good way to minimize your product loss, it’s a great way to help increase your green footprint. The less that expires, the less we have to dispose of in landfills. Unlike other consumer goods, cosmetics and the like are not readily recycled.

For your retail beauty supply customers, there’s nothing as good as getting their orders quickly and those orders being totally, completely right. Those perfect orders make you look good! That’s our goal at ShipWizard. We’re here to shine a light on you and your beauty products, whether that means getting them through the last mile across the state or across the ocean.

Retail Beauty Supply

Your Brand, Our Passion!

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