3PLs, Consumer Electronics and the Green Supply Chain

Environmentally friendly manufacturing and business practices aren’t anything new. In fact, they’ve been increasing in popularity for decades. What makes the green supply chain special is that every member of the chain, from the original manufacturer onward, is doing all the can to keep the item in circulation for as long as possible.

Choosing a Greener 3PL is the First Step

You’re probably part of a lean or agile supply chain already, but your 3PL could be doing more to protect the environment. After all, consumer electronics retailers often have returns due to products arriving DOA. These same products can cause severe environmental damage if they’re piled up in a landfill without any sort of containment.

Just striving for containment is minimal effort, though. What every consumer electronics distribution center should be striving for is continued circulation of that item through the green supply chain. For example, if you send an iPad out into the world and it doesn’t turn on, resulting in a return to a 3rd party logistics center like ShipWizard, we’re going to find a solution short of tossing that Apple whenever possible.

Green supply chain

You Have Greener Options Than Ever Before

Green supply chain

Partnering with ShipWizard means you have access to our full service reverse logistics teams, too. This is great for your attempts at being greener, since we have plenty of options for that iPad.

These might include:

Refurbishing it and reselling it. People love a bargain and will happily snap up electronics that are reasonably new and have been properly refurbished. We’ll send your product out to experts who do nothing but fix electronics all day and it’ll come back as good as new, ready for a second try. 

Reselling it to the secondary market. If refurbishing is too costly, another option is to sell that DOA tablet to the secondary market. People will buy almost anything, often things you’d never imagine, for enough to make it worth the effort. Once purchased, that iPad might be fixed or it might be sold for scrap, but it will likely continue to circulate in some form. 

Recycling it. When refurnishing isn’t an option and reselling holds no interest, many consumer electronics can be recycled. Depending on the exact type of machine it is, it may contain some fairly valuable metals and components that have a real market value. Even though the item itself is gone, the components remain in circulation, continuing to live on in the green supply chain.

Consumer Electronics and the Green Supply Chain Go Hand In Hand

Consumer electronics and the green supply chain are a perfect match in the world of product fulfillment. Since products in this class tend to have fairly high price points and reasonable resale values as they age, they’re worth spending the extra time and effort it takes to keep them out of landfills.

Whether they end up in the homes of customers who purchase them new or are ultimately shipped overseas for sale to an eager public, those electronics are still in high demand by someone. ShipWizard and our reverse logistics team will help your electronics shop stay greener for years to come.

Consumer Electronics Green Supply Chain

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