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3 Services That Improve Your Consumer Electronics Supply Chain

Selling consumer electronics can be a complicated business.

Not only do you have to be on alert for recalls and defective equipment all the time, you’re also vulnerable to returns fraud from electronics that you never sold to begin with. There are so many places in the consumer electronics supply chain that can go wrong that it’s helpful to have an expert partner to help keep an eye on everything.

Your Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Could Be Even Better!

Your customers know you care about them and getting their orders moved as quickly as possible, but the truth is that their increased order load is really starting to bog down your supply chain. Since you do almost everything in-house, you can only store so many iPads and Galaxy Notes before there’s nowhere else to put them, but if you don’t keep a bunch around, you’re risking running out of product before demand.

It sounds like it’s time to improve your supply chain with 3rd party logistics services for consumer electronics fulfillment. ShipWizard offers comprehensive electronics order fulfillment packages that keep your products flowing no matter how high the demand gets.

Here are just a few services that will be total game changers for your supply chain:

  • Warehouse Inventory Control. Retailers across the spectrum struggle with having just the right amount of inventory to meet with their demand, especially during holiday seasons or other consumer spending spikes during the year.Using historical data and in-house tools, we’re able to keep a lid on your inventory costs by predicting how many items you’ll need to prevent back orders or overstocking. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Fast, Accurate Pick, Pack and Ship. There’s no room in the 3PL world for inaccurate picks or slow ships, but customers often list these as top complaints when it comes to online retailers. Don’t keep losing money by turning off shoppers with a supply chain they find to be too slow or too much of a hassle, a good 3PL will distribute your products from centrally located warehouses so everything moves accurately and at lightning speed.
  • Fraudulent Returns Management. No one likes to have to confront a customer about a return that’s not exactly as expected, but fraudulent returns will cost you plenty, especially as a consumer electronics retailer. We have decades of experience handling returns, and know what to anticipate. Instead of wasting money on returns that clearly aren’t your own or are something else entirely just to avoid confronting a customer’s bad behavior, let your 3PL take care of your returns management
Consumer Electronic Supply Chain

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Your consumer electronics supply chain could be so much more robust and efficient with the help of an experienced 3PL like ShipWizard.

We’ve been in business since 1974, so you can be confident that we’ll be around for you when you need us to handle supply chain problems big and small. Give us a call today for your free custom quote, we’re easy to reach at (800) 967.0030 or you can drop us an email to get the ball rolling.

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