Fulfillment Service Contractor

Our fine tuned fulfillment service systems are ready to be employed by your direct marketing company, whether you are just starting out or are a highly established business. We service a vast array of clientele and diligently attend to each of their specific cares and concerns, one step at a time.

Your Company’s Fulfillment will be Taken Care Of…And without the hassle of directly overseeing operations, developing systems for processing and reports, organizing a distribution method, employing technicians, and the costs that comes with it, you will have made an economically sound decision by choosing our fulfillment service contractor services.

From data processing, to order processing and physical fulfillment, our fulfillment service contractor services envelop the entirety of both your economic and personal brand concerns. With a clear description of each step necessary to meet your company’s fulfillment needs, you will be left with no further questions – we just have the answers!

ShipWizard Service Contractor

We can take care of every aspect of fulfillment from placing an order; pick, pack, and shipping; and handling all related customer service responsibilities. With the entirety of your fulfillment needs spoken for, you can dedicate your time to merchandise production, advertising, and marketing schemes to advance your business to the next level.

  • Delivery and Turnaround Time Frames
  • How to Handle Adjustments for Processing Errors
  • Software Ownership Rights
  • Input and Output Media Rights
  • Security of your Merchandise and Confidentiality of Company Information Data
  • Terms of Agreement
  • Management Access for Performance Auditing/Inspection
  • Merchandise Insurance Details
  • Pass-Through Charges
  • Hourly Labor Rates for Physical Fulfillment

ShipWizard can do as much, or as little, as you need! Here are some of your options for outsourcing your fulfillment services to us:

ShipWizard as a data processing contractor

We receive and process your orders, deal with credit approval, provide all necessary instruction for warehouse picking, and resultantly, maintain inventory records and reports for your convenience. You can then concentrate on the execution of your physical fulfillment processes. You can save money on the software necessary for data processing and keep your distribution system in-house.

Warehouse Contracting with ShipWizard

Often a company feels perfectly comfortable with their own data processing system but lacks the space and means to conduct a proper physical fulfillment operation. With our highly organized layout, and efficiently run warehouse fulfillment center, we can do the manual work and you can forget worrying about building, leasing, and/or equipping a physical distribution center on your own.

ShipWizard as a Telephone Contractor

Maintaining an internal telephone ordering system can become quite expensive when dealing with fluctuations in staffing, equipment needs, and overhead costs. An outside contact center service like ShipWizard not only relieves these issues, but more importantly, ensures you that your customers will receive professional and considerate service with each and every incoming call. Our well-trained Brand Care Specialists tend to all of your customer’s concerns whenever needed – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ShipWizard is your ultimate Fulfillment Service Contractor.