How long do EDI integrations typically take?

As a leading 3PL services provider, countless eCommerce businesses have come to us looking for ways to speed up and improve their order fulfillment process. For these clients we always recommend getting started with EDI, which is great for streamlining communications and processes.

Before we get into how EDI integrations work, let’s briefly discuss what they are.

EDI Integration

What is EDI?

EDI, which stands for electronic data interchange, refers to the digital exchange of documents in a standard electronic format between business partners. EDI enables eCommerce merchants to exchange a variety of different business documents with their suppliers, vendors, and brands in a standard electronic format. These documents can include invoices, purchase orders, credit and debit adjustments, purchase order acknowledgments and changes, advanced ship notices, inventory inquiries, and more.

ShipWizard proudly works with Dropstream, an eCommerce fulfillment integration platform that allows us to easily connect our warehouse management system to the online shopping carts used by our customers. We are able to automatically integrate with over 60 online shopping carts, marketplaces, and ERPs.

What are the benefits of EDI?

eCommerce Fulfillment

Ecommerce fulfillment integrations automatically sync order information between online shopping carts and warehouse management systems, benefitting eCommerce businesses and 3PLs in the following ways:

  • EDI integration makes life 1,000 times easier. Without it, every order would have to be manually put on a spreadsheet and sent from the merchant to the 3PL services provider. If your business is fulfilling thousands of orders per week or month, think about how quickly that would get out of control!
  • In addition to greatly reducing the time that manual processing and data entry requires, EDI results in fewer costly mistakes and delays.
  • EDI automation eliminates the need for paper documents, resulting in a more environmentally-friendly solution that improves speed and accuracy.
  • Inventory management is improved, significantly decreasing the amount of stock outs, backorders and delayed shipments.

Why do EDI integrations typically take six to eight weeks?

Due to the amount of development and testing that EDI integrations require, they typically take six to eight weeks. Each integration goes through a rigorous amount of testing to make sure that all functionalities are in place, and that all vendor requirements are met.

Here at ShipWizard, work with eCommerce businesses of all sizes and types. Each vendor has different requirements (depending on the eCommerce platform that they use), so every case is unique. To find out what information is required from your platform to create an EDI integration, contact us today. After speaking with you about your company’s fulfillment needs, a friendly member from our support team can help you get started with the onboarding process.

EDI Integration

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