Hospitality fulfillment services for the tourism and hospitality industry

ShipWizard provides hospitality fulfillment services for the tourism and hospitality industry and administers vast and complex food safety certification program, resulting in a highly responsive program handling all aspects of specialized trainings.



When Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association (FRLA) won the contract in 2000 to be the state’s provider of SafeStaff® certification of employees, they knew they needed assistance. More than 900,000 foodhandlers employed by restaurants and lodging facilities in Florida were to be administered the program.

Searching for a Fulfillment house and Call Center to meet their needs, FRLA found ShipWizard. Time was of an essence. In short order, ShipWizard created a hospitality fulfillment process which handled well over 1,000 calls per day and product shipments reaching more that 1,500 eating establishments daily. Sales hit the one million mark within 6 weeks.

A Specialized Hospitality Fulfillment Program:

ShipWizard assembled a special hospitality fulfillment team to respond to the high demand. That team, while curtailed based on demand, continues to ship out hundreds of manuals a day. ShipWizard also developed the database system which is still used today to record the certification of each employee using the program.

The course was jointly reformatted in 2004 by FRLA and Food Safety Training, Inc. SafeStaff® and is recognized by the dining public. It has become the most used food safety program in Florida. The estimated 44,000 restaurants and more than 1 million employees in Florida are required to provide their employees instructions on issues ranging from food safety, sanitation and hygiene, to receiving, storing, and serving food.

ShipWizard houses several different manuals. The hospitality fulfillment program has been invaluable  in providing efficient service and shipping of those mandated instruction manuals to the hospitality industry. Now into the ninth year, daily business between FRLA’s own call center and ShipWizard’s Fulfillment houses is just about seamless. Still receiving well over 250 calls per day at FRLA, orders are sent over to ShipWizard houses through our secured site for fulfillment and shipping.

FLRA is a nonprofit organization which provides statewide support to the hospitality industry. Their continued service in food safety and beverage alcohol service training is unmatched. FLRA and FST offer additional services including specialized on-premise lessons, open classes, food manager certification, food safety audits and HACCP certification.

Hospitality Fulfillment Services

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