3 Ways cGMP Can Help Your Company Be Greener

Whether you’re running a supplement superstore or just have a few vitamins in your eCommerce catalog, the way they’re handled makes a huge difference. Choosing a company that is cGMP-compliant and one that is truly a green supplement company can save you green while helping to save the planet.

Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Compliance and You

Selling manufactured goods like clothing, shoes or office products means you have to be on your toes to avoid having too many out of fashion items in your inventory when the new models come in. All that waste can earn you a reputation, but not the kind you really want.

The same rules apply, but to a greater extent, with supplements. Not only do new formulations and packaging displace older ones, you literally are on a clock to sell your warehouse out of products before they expire. It’s a lot for you to juggle alone.

Luckily, ShipWizard is here to help. Our cGMP-compliance certification from the Food and Drug Administration is just the first sign that we’ve got your supplements, and your customers, top of mind.

Although cGMP isn’t a designation that says you’re an Earth-friendly company, for us, it means waste reduction at all stages of the order fulfillment process and all of the makings of a green supplement company.

cGMP Compliant

These are a few ways our cGMP practices help your company stay greener:

Successful supplement fulfillment starts with climate-controlled warehousing. Not only do we keep your cargo within its acceptable temperature range, we have records of each and every pallet that tell us when each will expire.

This way, we can distribute older lots before the newer ones, reducing or eliminating waste due to expiration.

As we get to know your inventory and customers, our data analytics help us find the optimal amount of each product to stock. That magic number is somewhere between not so many so that we have to throw a bunch out, but not so few that your customers go elsewhere rather than deal with a backlogged order.

When we hit the sweet spot, customers are delighted and your product loss is minimal.

Returns happen, but as we increase our pick accuracy with tools like barcode scanners, they happen a lot less. Even so, a few customers will want to exchange their products for something else from time to time.

Having a fast, efficient reverse logistics team on hand helps get those returns back on the shelf so they can be sold again, rather than lingering in a holding area waiting for so long to be returned to the warehouse that they’re not useable once they finally are shelved.

cGMP-Compliance Should Never Be Optional

Your company (and its reputation as an environmentally-friendly business) should never have to choose between high quality product handling and minimizing product loss. With ShipWizard’s cGMP-compliance program, it’s a worry that won’t even enter your mind. Give us a call today at (800) 967.0030 or send us an email to get started with your custom supplement fulfillment quote, on your way to creating a green supplement company.