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Direct Mailing Works: More Ways to Win With Paper

The deeper we go into the Age of the Internet, the harder it is to reach digital prospects that could be turned into leads. However, the old-fashioned mailbox is getting emptier all the time, giving direct mailing a distinct advantage.

Using Direct Mailing to Win More Customers

Many companies have given up on techniques like direct mailing in favor of highly trackable, but easily forgettable, email barrages.

What once would have been a gentle nudge in paper can turn into a massive digital spam campaign quickly. Instead of giving up the mailbox, your company should be looking into more ways to turn it into a treasure chest.

Does direct mailing work? Sure, it’s true that direct mailing can be complicated, and it can require a lot of time and effort, and ultimately, it’s not as easy to track (though you can track it) as digital mail. That’s where a 3rd party logistics company like ShipWizard comes in. We can help with your direct mail, including coupons, flyers, announcements and other lead generators.

We think these are some pretty good reasons to give direct mail a try:

Not only do paper mailers literally stick around, they stay on the brain of potential customers.

People pass mail around, especially within their own homes.

Physical mail achieved specific advertising goals in eight out of nine defined attributes, versus the four of nine that digital was able to capture. These include things like engagement, stimulation, desirability, valuation and willingness to purchase.

You might not think much of getting a random post card in the mail, but 57 percent of people say that physical mail makes them feel valued.

Another 30 percent also said that the physical properties of mail affect how they feel about the sender. This could be a route to a more invested, genuine relationship with your customers if you plan your direct mailing well.

Ready, Set, Mail!

ShipWizard is fully equipped to process your direct mail campaigns, whether it’s a simple postcard, a letter package or a direct mailing that requires polybagging of samples.


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