Is Direct Mail Dead?

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Direct Mail Isn’t Dead Yet: What Mail Services Can Do for You

Is direct mail dead? That’s a question that’s being asked out there, for certain.

Although more companies are experimenting with email blasts and SMS pushes, direct mail still has a massive ROI when done efficiently and targeted to a qualified list of potential customers. Take advantage of mail services at your 3PL to really reap the benefits!

An Empty Mailbox is a Mailbox Crying for Mail Services

It’s increasingly difficult to get the attention of any particular lead these days.

People are constantly bombarded by blinking, moving, noise-making advertising on the Internet until they’re almost deaf to any message that a company might try to present there. Direct mail, on the other hand, is quiet, it’s purposeful and as mailboxes empty, it’s increasingly effective.

Starting a mass mailing, however, can be overwhelming. You need a certain amount of automation in order to finish it before your offer is up, as well as a way to keep the overall cost under control. That’s where ShipWizard comes in. Our mail services stress address accuracy, speed and quality to impress any potential lead. We will give you the answer you need to that question of ‘Is direct mail dead?’

Direct mail isn’t dead, in fact it can get you more attention than digital by:

  • Giving your leads something tangible. There’s a huge psychological difference between an ad that appears on a screen and one that you can touch and carry around. Physical assets like brochures, catalogs and even coupons tend to hang around a while, giving a lead some time to consider your brand, even if they’re not ready to buy. Not only that, but there’s no such thing as an ad blocker for a mailbox!
  • Allowing you more room for brand-specific creativity. Online ads have their places, but you’re stuck with only a few formats to choose between. With physical mail, you can create anything from a simple fold-over flyer to a multi-part mailer sealed into a poly bag. There’s nothing to limit your creativity except your budget, and a good mail services department can help you work that out, too!
  • Ensuring that every address is good. Many times, email lists that you buy will contain many addresses that are already dead, or are only used to collect advertisements and spam. A solid 3PL with mailing services will be able to perform National Change of Address (NCOA) updates on your mailing lists, so every mail piece you send goes to a real, live person, not a cold email box that may or may not ever get checked.
  • Being a novelty. There’s less mail coming to mailboxes today because of the rise of email, paperless billing and social media. That doesn’t mean you should be afraid of it. In fact, you should take advantage of the novelty that physical mail represents. When you’re the only company sending out mailers in a market that’s heavily targeting mobile users, guess who’s going to have the advantage.

When you need to be heard over the shrieking social media crowd, there’s nothing that beats direct mail.

The mail services arm at ShipWizard can help you create beautiful and effective mail campaigns that always hit their mark. Just call us at (800) 967.0030 or email us here to learn more about our mail services.

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