Is Print Dead?

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Heck, No, Print Isn’t Dead! 4 Ways to Use Mail Services Effectively

Is print dead? The rumor is that print is dead, but they’ve been saying that for years. The truth is that print media and mail services are stronger than ever before and still yielding high returns on investment because there’s so much less noise in the mailbox these days.

Reach Your Customers Where They Are

Sure, everybody is walking around with a computer in their pocket right now, but all that email gets easy to ignore.

In fact, it’s even easier to filter your message into a spam folder and out through the trash. Although email marketing can be effective when employed properly, it’s not the only way to capture attention. In fact, the crowded, noisy worlds of email and social media are good for some messages, but others are best presented in a very tactile way.

ShipWizard is more than just warehousing and shipping boxes. We also handle mail services and have for decades. We can print any assets you may have in mind, then run them through our automated systems that quickly seal, address and stamp each envelope. The process saves you time, money and gives your customers something they can touch and refer back to later.

Here are a few ways to use our mail services effectively

  • Send out your regular catalog or newsletter. Catalogs and newsletters are still very much wanted by a segment of your customer base. You already have an online catalog, it’s not a lot more work to create a digital version that we can then print and send out regularly. You’ll be surprised how many sales you get from those “out-of-fashion” paper catalogs.
  • Provide samples in poly bags. If your business is the sort that offers samples of materials, for example, sampler lip glosses or countertop samples, you want to make sure they arrive in the same shape they left the 3PL. With custom poly bagging services, we’ll do everything we can to protect these opt-in samples, no matter what they happen to be. You can even print custom messages on the bags for extra pop.
  • Curate and manage complex mailing lists. Collecting up names for a cold sale mailer can be a time-consuming task. Even putting together a list of warm leads for mailers can be frustrating, but you don’t have to because we’ve already done the legwork.Our mailing lists can be divided by a number of characteristics, plus they’re already checked for duplicates and have any known bad addresses removed. List cultivation may seem like a small deal, but remember, that’s your direct link to current and future customers.
Is Print Dead?

We are committed to you and your business.

Mail services through ShipWizard can be the ideal compliment to your email or social campaigns, or used for stand-alone reach into markets that aren’t online enough to generate decent ROI.

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