3 Ways that EDI Will Up Your B2B Sales Game

Getting into the world of business to business (B2B) sales can be difficult.

There’s a whole new list of expectations, as well as new languages required for efficient communication. Electronic data interchange, otherwise known as EDI, will open up a lot of B2B doors, if you have the skilled labor and equipment required.

EDI and eCommerce are Opposite Sides of the Coin

If you started out in eCommerce, you know a bit about meeting end-customer expectations.

Customers basically want their products to make it to their homes quickly and without a lot of fuss. Business-to-business is a bit of a different animal. Instead of selling one hammock to an individual, you’re selling a case of them to a retailer. And in place of the quiet, freestyle order fulfillment process, you’re subject to complicated Vendor Compliance Manuals that are often hundreds of pages long,

Most importantly, instead of selling a few items using a digital shopping cart, you’ll do best to sell mass quantities using EDI. If you don’t have the budget or the space for an EDI setup, don’t worry. ShipWizard has everything you need to make it happen.

Then you’ll be able to improve your B2B EDI sales game in ways like:

You always wanted to see your product on the shelves at your regional grocery store, now you can. We are familiar with a wide range of Vendor Compliance Manuals, and will follow yours as well. As orders come in, you’ll see how much more efficient it is to work with other businesses using EDI.

EDI isn’t just an order-processing system, it’s also a way of communicating important messages to larger customers.

Many require a message to be sent when you ship your product and will send a confirmation when they receive said load. You can inform B2B customers about current shipment statuses, any delays and send other vital updates to keep the communication channels open.

Since you’re in touch with the retailers you work with, you can keep a close eye on situations that might result in chargebacks, some of which can be so costly as to eat your entire profit margin.

Often, the worst chargebacks are related to the way you’ve packaged your goods, but in other cases it’s about things that happen before, during or right after shipping a load over. EDI helps level the field so you and your partner company can quickly communicate any changes that could affect chargebacks.

When you’re ready to get started selling on a whole different level, give ShipWizard a call.

We’re fully EDI-fluent and have everything you’ll need to keep in touch with your biggest B2B customer, along with decades of experience in case you need any advice. Our phone is (800) 967.0030 or you can email us here any time, day or night.