Explore Your Brand’s Wholesale Potential with EDI

If you’re already wholesaling to a few retailers, you know how particular they can be. From the number of items per level on a pallet to the ways they’ll place orders, it’s their way or the highway.

Build an Unstoppable Wholesale Brand with EDI

Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is a very specific type of language that retailers and wholesalers use to communicate their needs, status and other important details. Because of the way EDI works, a highly trained operator and special equipment is required to make and receive transmissions. EDI communication is a higher, more effective level of communication for brands and retailers.

While you can put out the money to buy all the components and hire someone and train them to run it, this is generally cost-prohibitive for most small wholesalers. Instead, they turn to 3rd party logistics companies like ShipWizard.

Your growth potential can suddenly shoot off the chart when you’re able to build relationships with bigger brands that can get your products in front of more shoppers.

Vendor Compliance Problems? Never Again!

Making Vendor Compliance Look Easy

Since the first vendor compliance manual appeared on the stage in the 1980s, there has been an epic struggle between retailers that want to see products arrive in a certain way and wholesalers, who find creating pallets specific to each retail outlet to be a giant pain. Unfortunately, the alternatives are to either not sell to that vendor or to be charged for the time and effort it takes that retailer to repack the orders they get from you.

Those same persnickety retailers also require very specific communications about orders that you’re sending to them. So, it’s not just a matter of packing them right, placing the barcodes in the right spots, wrapping them just so, your outgoing orders also have to be followed, with an EDI expert providing updates to the retailer as they happen.

Any paperwork that would have been required in the past can also be sent via EDI, ensuring that your shipments arrive at the retailer faster and with more complete documentation.

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EDI Can Also Get Your Products on the International Stage

Technology for Your Supply Chain

EDI is an incredibly flexible platform that allows small manufacturers to get their products into big stores, but it also can be used to for bigger operations looking to break into emerging markets. After all, you can’t send anything on a ship without the right paperwork, or, in the modern world, the right data packets.

Rather than risking a shipment being held up in Customs because someone transcribed your documents incorrectly, you can send them ahead using EDI. When the ship gets to the port, you’re already most of the way finished with everything it takes for your wares to enter the country.

This communication works both ways. If you’re importing goods from overseas, the manufacturer’s EDI system will keep you up to date on the status of your products.

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