Fulfillment reports in real-time

A key part of the fulfillment process is information…and not just data and numbers, but real-time information that is valuable, accessible and relevant to your business.

Time is money, and so is the right information. When it comes to making sure that your fulfillment program is as efficient and streamlined as it can be, it’s important to look at how accessible and customized your reporting is. Without the most up-to-the-minute insight and understanding, you may looking at numbers that give little insight into your end-to-end process. 

Automated. Secure. Accessible. We automate virtually every aspect of fulfillment reporting to make sure that your data available securely and efficiently – 24/7 and on-demand. All of your reports are accessible through secure web pages and are available only to authorized users. You can always rest assured that your data is safe with us.

Fully customized reporting. Once an order is transmitted to us, we will process it in our WMS (Warehouse Management System), maintain your inventory levels automatically and post the information in live mode. We specialize in customizing your fulfillment reports to match your exact specifications.

Real-time fulfillment reporting options and benefits include: 

  • Orders
  • Shipping/Tracking
  • Inventory
  • 24/7 availability
  • End-of-day files
  • Easy importing to your order-taking application or shopping cart
  • Supporting of multiple export formats, including from unstructured data types such as pdf or TIFF documents, to more technical file types of XML, CSV, html for web archive, to Microsoft Excel™ and Microsoft Word™
  • Maintaining sufficient and appropriate inventory levels
  • Avoiding backorder situations
  • Multiple user access levels within the same organization
  • Keeping your customers feeling happy and empowered knowing that they have access to all of the data they need
  • Best of all, your customers will be happy and feel empowered knowing that they have full visibility into all relevant stages of the process

You need to be “in the know.” With ShipWizard as your fulfillment services partner, you can rest easy knowing that your business will run more smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our 24/7 fulfillment reporting gives you key insights and information, all on a secure platform, that help you run your business smarter and more profitably.

We are committed to you and your business.

Remember, as your eCommerce Fulfillment Services partner, we are here for you – and your customers – at every step of the way.

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