Get a Jump on your Green Supply Chain with Good Reverse Logistics

Small- to medium-sized businesses like yours often struggle to manage their own reverse logistics. Now that the supply chain is trending toward circular, it’s more important than ever to have a green reverse logistics plan.

Green Logistics is About More Than Recycling

You’re not going out of your way to dump more trash into landfills or increase your carbon footprint, but you only have so many hours in the day to change your practices.

You want to be able to brag about your green supply chain, but right now you can barely see over the stack of returns you have yet to process. Frankly, you may end up just tossing anything that can’t be immediately resold because you simply can’t spare the manpower to sort and deal with resellers. 

Before you hit the dumpster, give ShipWizard a call

We’re passionate about fulfillment and logistics. Give us a chance to look at your operation and suggest the best ways to manage your reverse logistics and give you and your customers a truly green supply chain.

We can bring your entire returns process in-house and add value for you and your shoppers by:

Customers love it when you’re environmentally friendly, but they also love it when you get their credits to them fast.

Partnering with ShipWizard means you can do both, saving your company money on disposal fees and giving you a chance to create a new income stream with secondary markets.