Some Of The Latest Stats On Reverse Logistics

Returns rates have always been high for online stores, but eCommerce is facing a reckoning as return rates reach or exceed 30 percent of sales. Good reverse logistics services can help, according to some of the latest reverse logistics statistics.

Reverse Logistics Statistics: A Look at the Numbers That Matter

It can be downright disheartening to deal with a large number of returns, especially if your eCommerce store is fairly new.

Knowing what to expect out of eCommerce retail makes it a little easier to really see where your business stands in your sector. At ShipWizard, we’re all about collecting and analyzing data to help improve your business performance.

One of the areas we’re able to really focus on is reverse logistics, since our returns management team does nothing but handle your returns and customer credits or exchanges. They also know a ton about the latest stats, which they use to constantly improve their performance.

These return management services and expertise include information like:

Using a 3PL for Reverse Logistics Just Makes Sense

Unless you have a lot of free time, patience and connections to resources that can help you move products to the secondary market, it makes sense to do what the Fortune 500 companies are doing and outsource your reverse logistics. ShipWizard has been moving products back onto store shelves and warehouse inventories for decades, helping businesses like yours stay ahead of your returns.