How Does Order Fulfillment Work?

Working in ecommerce means you have to manage a lot of expectations and desires, from your partners, suppliers, and most importantly, your customers. There are choices you can make to make operations easier on yourself, and one of the most popular is outsourcing your order fulfillment to a third-party logistics firm. If you are curious about how order fulfillment works when 3PL companies are involved, read on.

A Smoothly Operating Machine

Third party logistics companies specialize in providing fast and problem-free fulfillment operations. Typically, this is achieved by integrating with their clients’ ecommerce technology, if applicable, and handling all of their clients’ warehousing requirements. Stock is stored at the 3PL firm’s own warehouse, with storage space rented monthly by the shelf. You only pay for the space you use– imagine how much money, time, and effort that you could save by using a custom storage solution instead of sourcing your own warehouse or storage space. When an order is made, it is the 3PL company’s warehouse staff that will pick and pack the order components, efficiently handing them over to the shipping department. Depending on the system a 3PL company has, their process might also monitor the level of stock and reassess every time an order is packed and sent to shipping so that they can report with high accuracy on the stock levels of a company’s inventory. Some companies might prefer to manually take stock at regular intervals. The best 3PL providers will go to the effort of ensuring that their clients’ stock is protected by climate control systems, rigorous security protocols and staff, and other precautionary measures.

Shipping, Grief-free

Shipping at third-party logistics companies is far more efficient than with most small businesses. After all, a 3PL company focuses a lot more on optimizing the process than the average business can. They are excellently positioned to obtain the most cost-effective, streamlined shipping solutions. The best providers will also go to the effort of offering real-time tracking so you can be sure that both you and your customers are aware of where shipments are going, and when they’re likely to arrive.


Better Supplement Fulfillment from a cGMP Compliant 3PL

When it comes to your supplement fulfillment, we’re taking things very seriously.

Not only can we provide you with real-time reporting and help you predict future inventory needs, we’re always trying to speed up the distribution process without decreasing accuracy so your customers get their orders faster. This can work in reverse, too, in the event that your company needs to process a quick return.

From the moment your inventory reaches our warehouse to the pick, pack and ship floor and out the door to a preferred shipper, we treat your supplements and other healthcare products like they were our own. It’s the same thing we’ve been doing for decades, we’re just now taking the additional important step in being recognized as a facility that can manage your delicate products in a way that ensures everyone’s safety and happiness.

Choosing a 3PL Provider

Knowing all of this, it’s clear that choosing to work with a 3PL company can go a long way toward streamlining your company’s operations, increasing efficiency, and satisfying clients with cheap and speedy shipping. You want to make sure that you choose a 3PL company that you can rely on to deliver all of this and more, which is why you should look into ShipWizard. We are a premier fulfillment service that has a proven track record working with a variety of industries, satisfying clients since 1974. Our clients praise us for our service, personal touch, flexibility and straightforward means of doing business.

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