What is eCommerce Fulfillment?

Also known as order fulfillment, Internet fulfillment services and, in general, fulfillment services, eCommerce Fulfillment refers to all the steps that take place from the time your customer has made an online purchase to the moment he or she receives the purchase at his or her residential or business address. eCommerce Fulfillment can also refer to some of the pre-purchase services and steps, such as web marketing, as well as to the post-delivery services such as return logistics and repeat customers.

Sometimes, eCommerce fulfillment refers to a service performed for your consumer customers (B2C) , and sometimes it is a B2B (business-to-business) transaction. The products sold can include almost any physical product you are selling on the Internet via your eCommerce website. eCommerce retailers (aka “eTailers”) come in all sizes, from one-person shops to Mom-and-Pops to huge retail chains.

As a “one-stop fulfillment services shop,” ShipWizard provides a full suite of eCommerce Fulfillment services, as well as related services including 3PL, Return Logistics Services and Mail Services. Our business is about making sure that all of your e-fulfillment services– from purchase to inventory to packing to shipping to reporting to customer service – are carried out efficiently, cost-effectively and as expected.