Do you miss the early days of your business, when everything was brimming with sparkling hope and you could devote more time to anything other than order fulfillment? As it turns out, a 3PL partnership and good 3PL choices can turn back the clock for you.

It can take years to build a brand up in the eyes of the public, but only a few problematic transactions to destroy everything.

When your orders are delayed, items unexpectedly go into backorder status and returns take forever to process, your customers are going to complain loudly and publicly. It’s not as if you’re not trying, but you have so many things to manage in your business that it feels like you’re constantly putting out fires. Why not hand all of that warehousing, order fulfillment and returns processing over to a 3rd party logistics company (3PL) so you can focus on aspects of your business that keep your brand a happy, visible icon?

Making good 3PL choices can make all of the difference in the life of your business operation. ShipWizard has helped companies like yours shed a few too many duties so you can restore sanity to your daily routine.

Vitamins Distribution

Here are a few things you could be doing if we did your fulfillment:

It’s far too easy to let work pile up as more and more comes in. When you spend half of your day dealing with order fulfillment, there’s not nearly enough time for everything else that you need to do. You end up working late, trying to get on top of the pile, but it just gets bigger and bigger. The day your new 3PL takes over, spend that day blissfully hitting the reset button on your office and your duty roster.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with having a taco at your desk while you do the weekly accounting, but it’s also not awful to get out once in a while and see the sights. Hey, you could even plan a business lunch with clients, contacts or your staff to change things up a bit.

Those early days of your company were filled with personal touches because there weren’t that many people who needed attention. Lately, you barely had time to email them a boilerplate advertisement. Do what you did to earn that business in the first place. Reach out and reconnect to those folks that got you where you are now.

There’s no time like today to find out what life will be like with a quality 3rd party logistics company in your corner.

ShipWizard is ready to help you make good 3PL choices and decide what options make the most sense for your distribution, maximizing the potential of our relationship. Call us today at (800) 967.0030 or send us a message to learn how easy it really is to increase your customer care without working longer hours.