Diabetes testing supplies fulfillment services

Supplying diabetes testing supplies to the consumers

Soon after Diabetes Care Club, a supplier of diabetic testing supplies, was acquired by Simplex Diabetic Supply in the fall of 2007, the fast-growing company sought a new provider to support the rapid planned expansion of services. Key to the search was locating a company to provide dedicated attention to details.

Diabetes Care Club’s core initiatives are to “eliminate the hassle and save time and money with a no-cost membership”, serving patients in all 50 states, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The company’s customer service and order taking programs are vibrant and result in thousands of monthly new orders and replenishments. Many patients find the ease of service exceptional particularly for those living in remote areas, since receiving supplies is as simple as placing an order on the phone and awaiting delivery just a few days later.

One of the goals of Diabetes Care Club is to promote the company’s brand and image as much and as often as possible. To that end, we have produced custom designed packages and invoices with the company’s logo. This makes for added visibility for the growing company every time a package travels to its final destination, especially since many patients are in remote locations.

Today, we warehouse a growing line of products specific to the diabetic community. Orders are forwarded to us from the company’s internal systems where the patients’ information is maintained. We handle the entire logistic process, picking, packing and shipping products according to the orders, and include the proper paperwork to assist a patient with their claims process with Medicare, Medicaid or insurance benefits for diabetic supplies, a patient’s bill of right, and other company specific information.

“We partnered with ShipWizard to establish and implement a strategy to optimize our fulfillment/distribution capabilities. The strategy has resulted in significant service, cost and inventory benefits. ShipWizard has deep supply chain domain and optimization experience in strategic, tactical, operational planning. Our partnership has allowed us to come up with the most effective approach to meet our desired objectives. Most fulfillment companies say that they do those things, but the ShipWizard team actually has the depth and partnership perspective that allows them to deliver on their promises.” Larson Douglas Hudson, Chief Executive Officer