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Air Conditioned Storage

Bay Storage

Bay Storage

8′(L) x 4′(W) x 20′(H)

Fulfillment Center With 23′ Clear Ceilings.
*Standard Pallet Size 48 x 40 x 48(H) –
121cm x 101cm x121cm.
Each bay can accommodate six (6) standard size pallets plus two (2) oversized pallets up to 84″ (213cm).

Example of Bays used for
Pallet Storage

Pallet Storage

Example Bay Storage
Designed for Bins and Replenishment for
Pick and Pack

Bay Storage
Receiving and Put Away*
Carton (includes 1 SKU)
- Additional sku’s
Standard Pallet (single SKU)
Oversized pallet (single SKU up to 84”H)
Mixed pallet
Pallet Receiving and Put Away, outside delivery* additional fee
$ 2.00 carton 00.50 ea
09.00 ea
18.00 pallet

25.00 pallet
Barcode labeling, if items are not barcoded we will label them
20 ft Container (includes 11 pallets)
20 ft Container (floor loaded)
90.00 TL
200.00 TL

40 ft Container (includes 21 pallets)
40 ft Container (floor loaded)

*Standard Pallet size 48” x 40” x 48” (121x101x121cm)
Maximum oversized pallet 48” X 40” X 84” (121x101x213cm)

180.00 TL
400.00 TL
Other Warehouse Services Includes:
Client services, data entry, kitting and assembly, product consolidation, replenishment, physical inventory, disposal, demolish, LTL/TL rate shopping etc.

Please note all time based jobs are rounded up in 15 minute increments.

Systems Integration Options – eCommerce, EDI, Custom*
No integration
CSV via SFTP site
$25 per month
Setup Fee
$295 (one time)

*Custom software development is available.

24/7 Web Based Reporting
No Charge

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