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Leading European Spa Products Company chooses ShipWizard for Product Distribution Management in the Americas

High-end clientele enjoys access to a host of spa and skincare products previously only available in Europe. The result is a bar code technology system seamlessly and effortlessly handling of rapid SKU growth, multiple shipping destinations, reorders, and B2B and B22 orders.

The spas, located throughout the world, typically place replenishing orders for products. Visitors to the company’s website can order a range of beauty treatments. Before engaging ShipWizard, the company was handling its worldwide distribution. As the company was perched to launch its North American operation, it searched for a US based warehouse and fulfillment center to service its US and Canadian clients, which brought them to ShipWizard.

A local presence provides easier entry into the US marketplace.

Originally, the company approached ShipWizard with a range of 180 SKUs and a handful of shipping destinations. As the line of products expanded, the SKUs count neared 500, with multiple shipping destinations throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Orders can consist of B2B types of orders when the spas place their reorder requests. Orders can also consist of B2C types when customers use the catalog or the online store to purchase products. Orders are compiled and forwarded to the Fulfillment Center. There, products are picked, packed and shipped, using bar code technology. As a result, product shipping cycles in the US are highly efficient and timely.

The company’s decision to use ShipWizard’s rapid deployment practices, from bar coded product, scanning stations, and FedEx 2 Day, demonstrates the company’s commitment to continue to open new markets and expand globally.

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