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What Does e-Retail Reputation Management Look Like?

Running an e-Retail business means focusing on the customer and their order before anything else. After all, they can price match your shop with any number of other vendors, you have to bring more to the table. That’s just one reason why a good reputation management approach is so very important in the world of eCommerce.

When your shop is virtual, it’s hard to really stand out from the pack. You’re not going to be hosting local bands or setting up real life art demos to bring in new and excited shoppers. It’s just you, your shoppers and the reputation you’ve developed to this point. Five star reviews look good on you, after all, but you may need a little help in the reputation management department.

That’s why it’s so helpful to have a relationship with a 3rd party fulfillment company like ShipWizard. Not only can we help speed up your processes, we specialize in order distribution, making delays a thing of the past. But that’s not all a 3PL can do for your e-Retail company.

Elements of a Good e-Retail Reputation

  • Improving Order Accuracy. Packing boxes by hand can give you the chance to add some really personal touches, but as your order load increases, it also leads to mistakes.Today’s online shoppers are increasingly unforgiving when it comes to inaccurate orders and they’re not shy about sharing their complaints with the world. A 3PL marries technology to the order picking and packing process to ensure that your orders are accurate and your customers happy.
  • Ensuring You Always Have Enough. Along with all that fancy tech comes an advanced inventory control system. That means that not only do we know how many of SKU #2345 are left on the shelf, we know when you’ll need to reorder them in order to keep the supply flowing. No one wants to take a chance on a back-ordered product when they can simply buy it elsewhere.
e Retail Reputation
e Retail Reputation
  • Moving Your Packages at the Speed of Major eCommerce Companies. Speed is everything in today’s e-Retail world. If you can’t get that package to Michigan in three days, you may not be able to compete. The beauty of a good 3PL is that we can have warehouses located in strategic spots to speed up package delivery, as well as advanced tools to help better route packages as they travel from our facilities to your customers’ doors.
  • Making Returns Easy for Your Shoppers. Online shopping has some of the highest return rates of any sector of retail, and for good reason. It’s often difficult for your customers to really get a sense of their purchase until it’s in their hands, so they may order multiple sizes or models of a product, planning to send the unwanted items back.To speed those unwanted items back to your virtual sales floor, you need frictionless returns. That’s where a 3PL can help! We’ll handle returns according to your instructions, but optimized to move the product back to our facilities fast. Customers love it when you’re flexible, that’s the kind of gold star behavior that’ll win lots of new business.

It’s time to step up your e-Retail reputation management with the help of a 3PL partner!

With a combination of modern technology, practiced skill and data on each and every product you sell, your customers get exactly what they want, when they want it, making you an e-Retail superstar. Call ShipWizard today at (800) 967.0030 or drop us an email to get started!

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