Reverse Logistics for Overseas Companies Operating in the US

With the retail sector increasingly dependent on shipping and other logistical operations, there is an amplified need for reverse logistics for overseas companies operating in the US. In July 2020, the US Census Bureau found that online and other non-brick and mortar store sales were up 25.8%, year on year. Given that ecommerce return rates can be as much as three times as those typical in brick and mortar stores, this is an issue that is only going to grow more prominent in the months and years to come. If you are seeking a partner to provide returns management services on your behalf, ShipWizard offers a high-tech, smooth reverse logistics process.

Returns Management

Your customer returns solution should never negatively impact the level of customer service your enterprise provides. What does that mean for your choice of third-party logistics (3PL)?

  • Culture:

    the United States may have different standards of customer service when it comes to product returns than what you are used to. It’s important to work with the culture, rather than against it.

  • Costs:

    the vagaries of differences between labor, transport, and disposal costs in different countries can strain client relationships. Dependable logistics outsourcing relies on a provider that keeps you informed on fluctuations in those costs, no matter how small. 

  • Laws:

    due to the state-based legal code of the US, it’s important to understand the rules and regulations of commerce in each state your 3PL partner has a physical location in. Taxes and tariffs, for example, are things that can vary when you cross borders from state to state. Overlooking these differences can lead to future legal headaches.

Capable reverse supply chain management can make a huge difference in productivity, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. Rather than trying to build a logistics management system for returned material out of whole cloth, it makes sense for many web-based businesses to turn to the 3PL market, in order to keep their company nimble. Any company that can surmount the challenges of smooth and straightforward overseas returns management during a pandemic will be well-prepared for the future of the global market.

International Reverse Logistics from ShipWizard

Successfully navigating the ins and outs of international logistics, especially reverse logistics, requires partners that you’re confident in. Choose a logistics partner with a proven record of efficiency and responsibility to handle your returns management process. ShipWizard is conveniently based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, a major international shipping hub. Our custom Smart Returns solution makes returns management simpler. Family owned and operated for over 45 years, we are dedicated to being at the forefront of logistical innovation, delivering efficiency for our clients.

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