Why Choose a cGMP Supplement Fulfillment and Distribution Center?

It may seem like the smart money for your supplement fulfillment is on the lowest-price distribution centers, but the truth is that a cGMP-compliant facilities can save your company money in ways you might not even realize possible.

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cGMP-Compliant Facilities Bring a Lot to the Table

When you’re looking for a new distribution center, it definitely pays to shop around.

However, if you’re shopping for a supplement fulfillment warehouse, there’s a lot more to consider. If the facility isn’t cGMP-compliant, for example, you can’t be certain that they’ll be handling your products to the FDA’s gold standards. Although safe handling might be far from your list of pain points, what do you do when it becomes the only problem that matters as angry customers come knocking?

ShipWizard is now fully cGMP 211-compliant. We’re proud of this distinction and we think you will be, too, when you realize exactly what it means for you and your customers.

Here are a few examples of how our cGMP-compliant facility can work with you:

A large part of cGMP compliance and cGMP-compliant facilities is ensuring that supplements are handled carefully and are stored in such a way as to maximize the products’ lives and utility.

For example, you’d never want to store a supplement that required refrigeration in a hot warehouse with no climate control. Your customers’ orders are always fresh and potent. Plus, you can be sure that we’re using up the older lots before the newer ones as we rotate your inventory.

Supplements, like medications, don’t do the end customer much good if they’re the wrong type or dosage.

That’s why we employ bar scanning in conjunction with modern inventory management systems to keep track of each of your items the entire time they’re in our facility. We know when products will expire, as well as how many of each remain in the warehouse. Accuracy starts the moment your supplements come through the door, ensuring your customers get exactly what they ordered.

Every once in a while, a customer may call to return an item they ordered.

Maybe they chose the wrong dosage or they simply decided they didn’t need it anymore. As long as the supplements are still sealed, we can move them back into your inventory fast, as well as giving that customer a credit quickly so they can buy the item they really need.

cGMP Compliance: More Than Meets the Eye for Supplements

As you’re weighing your supplement fulfillment options, consider just how much cGMP-compliance can save you in headaches and money wasted on expired products. ShipWizard is proudly cGMP-compliant, and we’re easy to reach, too. We’ll get you started with a free, no obligation quote and you can decide for yourself what cGMP is worth.