Improve Your Customer Experience with an FDA cGMP Compliant 3PL

FDA cGMP Compliant 3PL

By now it’s pretty obvious that there’s been a huge shift in the market when it comes to crafting the perfect consumer experience. Part of this is because customers are literally changing as Millennials slowly take the place of Baby Boomers in the wider market. Another significant element is that the market itself is still changing dramatically because of the rise of eCommerce and the competition that it creates for the retail sector.

For your part, your supplement fulfillment has been going well, your customers are fairly happy, but there have been enough complaints that you’re ready to start finding solutions. A Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliant 3PL can help you turn those frowns upside down (and improve your customers’ experiences dramatically!).

Common Customer Complains and cGMP Solutions

No company is perfect, especially when it comes to fulfillment. Even so, you want to be as good as you can be, otherwise your customers are going to look elsewhere for the same products (and they’ll find them because the Internet is lousy with competition). What you have to do to really succeed in supplement sales is to provide an unmatched experience. Working with a FDA cGMP Compliant 3PL distribution center can get you back in the game by solving common problems with elegant solutions.

cGMP Compliant 3PL

Consider these examples:

cGMP Solution: cGMP-compliant fulfillment centers practice FIFO (“first in, first out”) rotation, which means that the first products to enter the warehouse are also the first to leave. On top of that, facilities like this, including ours, apply different SKUs to different product batches to help track expiration dates. This ensures that products that are on their last leg don’t make it to your customers’ doors.

cGMP Solution: Because your products are fragile, there’s no hesitation when the time comes to process and pack orders. We don’t want them floating around in the weather for long, otherwise the delicate supplements that your customers are waiting for may begin to break down or become less effective.

cGMP Solution: Your products have to be stored according to manufacturer’s guidelines, which often means keeping them in a climate controlled warehouse. They must to be handled carefully, rotated properly and shipped quickly. That’s what cGMP is all about, keeping your supplements in ideal condition until they arrive at their destination.

Better Supplement Handling Means Better Experiences

eRetail Fulfillment

There’s nothing like fast, accurate orders to ensure customer happiness, but since you can’t ever be completely perfect, having really good customer service helps a lot, too. When you choose a FDA cGMP Compliant 3PL distribution center, ask if they have a reverse logistics department that can help your customers on the rare occasion a package that’s not up to your high standards arrives. That little bit extra is just one thing that 3PLs like ShipWizard can do for you to win loyal customers for life.

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