cGMP Adds Value and Peace of Mind to Your Supplement Fulfillment

Do you cringe every time you see that another order for supplements has been sent to your 3rd party logistics distribution center? Do your customers spend most of their time on social media trolling your page because of the inconsistent quality of the products they get when they do try to order?

It sounds like you need a cGMP compliant partner in a big way.

Right now, you’re probably operating in a world without an FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliant supplement fulfillment partner. Even if you do have a 3PL, the above problems are certainly indicative that you need a big change. Selling edible items, including vitamins and supplements, requires extra care that a general 3rd party logistics facility may not be taking.

After all, it’s just a supplement, right?

Wrong. It’s a perishable and fragile part of your inventory. When your customers are constantly complaining, you’re having to handle a large volume of returns and discount deeply just to continue to attract customers, you’ve not got much of a eCommerce supplement business. Inconsistent quality and unpredictable returns are what you get in a world without FDA cGMP compliance.

What should you expect from a 3PL warehouse? You can get a great level of service if you know where to look, such as ShipWizard.

Inconsistent quality and unpredictable returns are what you get in a world without FDA cGMP compliance. With cGMP compliance here’s what you can expect:

The modern online shopper knows they can get the same product from hundreds or thousands of different eRetailers. What they’re really buying with their dollars is the piece of mind that they will always get what they’re expecting and that if something does go wrong, you’ll make it right.

That kind of integrity isn’t something you can touch or see, those shoppers are putting a lot of faith in your company to deliver on an implied promise. When you don’t because your fulfillment house isn’t cGMP compliant, it’s not a black eye on that 3PL, it’s a black eye on your business.

The extra handling that a cGMP compliant supplement fulfillment center performs to keep your items in pristine condition does mean that you could end up paying a little bit more for warehousing and distribution, but the benefits of choosing a cGMP facility far outweigh the minimal increase in costs.

cGMP facilities will do things like:

  • Provide each lot of items with an SKU so they can be easily located.
  • Rotate products in an FIFO manner, reducing loss due to expiration.
  • Keep your supplements in a cool environment to maintain their potency.
  • Carefully check products into and out of inventory using a connected inventory control system.
  • Fulfill orders quickly so supplements arrive in pristine condition.

Can you imagine how much better your business would do if those frustrated customers were, instead, happy customers who want to tell their friends about how awesome your service is? Even if you did have a rare glitch, they’d be far more forgiving than they are when your orders are pretty regularly problematic.

ShipWizard is a cGMP compliant partner with decades of experience handling vitamins and supplements. From the moment your orders hit our unloading docks until they’re sent out the door to their final destinations, we take order fulfillment very seriously. There’s someone out there relying on your inventory, and we’re here to help you both.

When you’re ready to get started selling on a whole different level, give ShipWizard a call.

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