Your cGMP Compliant Warehouse Protects Your Customers

On the surface, it seems so easy. You grab a container of vitamins and stick them in a box, place a label and away they go! The truth is that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes before that bottle is even put on the pick floor. Easy supplement distribution is possible but you need the right pieces in place.

A cGMP-Compliant Partner Makes Supplement Distribution Easy

Becoming a cGMP-Compliant warehouse and distribution center means a lot more than just paying for a certification that anyone can get.

It’s actually an elite award for ensuring a safe supplement supply from the moment said products enter the warehouse until they arrive at the customer’s door. Tools like bar code scanners, EDI and software that’s constantly tracking the movement of items in the warehouse keep supplies fresh.

What you can’t see is that there’s ongoing monitoring for recalls, regular rotations that ensure your products are moved in a FIFO (first in, first out) pattern and that any items that aren’t performing well enough to move before they expire aren’t refilled as rapidly to balance your warehouse usage. Putting that final label on at the end of the order fulfillment process is just the last step of many.

Using Big Data to Track Your Sales Saves Waste, Too!

It’s so important for any warehouse and distribution center to be paying attention to data points in this day and age. Even if they’re not seeking cGMP-compliant status, the value to inventory rotation and management alone is invaluable. But when you are talking about a facility that’s dealing in food-grade items, ignoring data points just isn’t an option.

Let’s say that you chose a non-cGMP facility because you were told they could handle your goods just as well. They also do inventory by hand because they’ve not invested in the technology that a modern warehouse demands. You notice after a month or two that your bills are climbing, but you’re not really selling any more product. Sometimes easy supplement distribution isn’t so easy, right?

A few months after that, it’s discovered that some of your inventory was misplaced because it wasn’t being electronically tracked. Not only is that product now too old to sell, you’ve been paying to store it all this time!

We don’t pretend to be perfect, but the backup plans with backup plans that are required for cGMP compliance are a great secondary check on inventory that just comes with the territory.


Vitamins Distribution

Distributing Safe Products and Reducing Waste

Order Fulfillment

Ultimately, cGMP-compliance is all about distributing safe, effective food-grade products like vitamins, pet food and supplements. The side effect of this careful balancing act is that your company gets a little greener as time goes by. Based on your historical sales records, we can start to dial in the exact amount of each SKU that you’ll need at any given time.

With that knowledge, we rarely over-order products and throw very little away. If you’re not only worried about your fellow humans, but the planet that you share with them, cGMP-compliance is a way to achieve several of your goals all at once.

We are committed to you and your business.

Remember, as your eCommerce Fulfillment Services partner, we are here for you – and your customers – at every step of the way.