cGMP Compliant 3PLs Help Reduce Waste and Costs

Customers are increasingly concerned about their impact on the environment, as well as yours. Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliant 3PLs can ensure less of your fragile merchandise ends up in a landfill, saving the planet and your wallet at the same time.

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How Do cGMP Compliant 3PLs Reduce Waste?

Every business has some amount of waste associated with it. However, when you’re working with a cGMP-compliant 3rd party logistics company, your products are carefully rotated and stored so that the oldest products go out first. This way you end up throwing a lot less merchandise out because it has expired.

Detailed cGMP-compliant data collection means your inventory counts and expiration dates can be examined at a glance from anywhere, ensuring proper handling of your supplements from the moment they arrive at the warehouse.

cGMP Compliance and the Green Supply Chain?

The supply chain is becoming increasingly greener, with more effort being put toward using data to help predict how much merchandise should be ordered and maintained in warehouse and distribution centers. In addition, more returns are being refurbished or recycled, rather than sent to a landfill.

When it comes to cGMP, it’s simply green by nature. It’s all about handling supplements carefully and thoughtfully, so products don’t expire while waiting to be distributed to end customers. By rotating your inventory and pulling the oldest items for order fulfillment first, you avoid a lot of headaches. That goes double if your supply is maintained at an optimal level using your historical data.

cGMP-compliant facilities rely on best practices that minimize waste and maximize the quality of your products. Your customers will be thrilled when their package arrives quickly and in pristine condition. You’ll be glad that you’ve reduced your waste and the cost associated. Everyone is happy that your operation is leaner and greener.

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What Makes cGMP Worth the Trouble?

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Earning a distinction like being named cGMP 211 compliant isn’t the easy road for your supplement distributor, but going that extra mile shows customers like you that a fulfillment center is willing to do whatever it takes to be the very best 3PL around. You have real, quantifiable evidence that the policy is to make sure that 3rd party logistics customers do well.

After all, your success is our success. That’s why we carefully scan all your products as they come in and again and again as they move through order fulfillment. It’s the same reason you get real time data related to your warehouse inventory, as well as information on the orders being fulfilled in the moment.

cGMP compliance doesn’t just mean that your products are stored at proper temperatures, kept clean the whole time they’re in the facility and any pesky pests are managed so they can’t degrading your product quality. It also means that your 3PL is committed to doing the job right, every time.

cGMP-Compliance is a Greener Way for Supplement Fulfilment

Even if you have absolutely no interest in contributing to the green supply chain or reducing your landfill waste, a cGMP-compliant 3rd party logistics company will help make your accounts greener, too. The less you waste, the more you sell, the more income will flow. cGMP creates a feedback loop that is constantly refining itself.

Why toss any of your product when you can just sell it before it expires? It’s not impossible, in fact, we do it all the time. Careful handling using cGMP recommendations and constant measuring and recording data points will translate into a more streamlined operation.

In fact, green may well become your favorite color after your supplement store has had a chance to really experience cGMP in action.