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It’s nice to be wanted, especially when you’re in the travel and tourism business. But in order to keep up the momentum, you have to get materials like maps, brochures and guides to the many people that phone and email throughout the day. You used to do the packaging and mailing over your lunch break, then you got an intern to handle the job, but now it’s grown so out of control that you spend your weekends catching up.

Quality control is important when you’re trying to show a destination or attraction in its best light, but you don’t have to do everything yourself to ensure that your visitors get a great travel guide package.

Why Try Travel Literature Fulfillment?

The answer to your problem is right in front of you. You just need someone to print and ship all the orders you get for various travel information bundles so you can spend more time collecting even more leads that will eventually need even more travel bundles. It’s a problem of plenty that you can definitely deal with!

Getting started with top travel fulfillment through ShipWizard couldn’t be easier. We can take your original designs, print them on just about anything and send them wherever you need them to go. Our in-house lettershop will even check your mailing lists to ensure each address is valid, based on current USPS guidelines, so fewer mailings bounce back to you.

Top Travel Fulfillment

Try Enhanced Services for a Better Presentation

Top Travel Fulfillment

You convinced them to commit to receiving a package from you in the mail, now you’re the one under the microscope. Will your package turn a maybe into a “most definitely,” or will your leads decide to go elsewhere this summer? It’s the power of the presentation and we have the process nailed down.

Not only do we print your materials on high quality machines using high quality paper, we can add a little extra sparkle at your request.

How about a poly bag that protects your presentation from the rain while also working as a branding tool?

Instead of just throwing a bunch of brochures at a potential client, why don’t we bind them together or use other techniques to keep everything tidy and in the order you want people to see?

Did We Mention Speed?

ShipWizard can get your travel literature out fast, no matter what it is that your visitors need. Because we ship so much, we also have great deals through several major shippers, keeping your costs down. Speed plus savings is a winning equation for companies everywhere, but that goes double for companies that rely on the fickle beast tourism.

Often, the first few brochures to arrive at a traveler’s home are from the companies they end up spending their money with. It’s not that your attraction or facility isn’t just as good, it’s just that you’ve given your potentials too much time with the competition’s vacation ideal and now they’re married to it.

Top travel fulfillment from ShipWizard 3PL gets your literature out the door and into the hands of your future visitors faster than you can do alone. Spend your time snagging leads, let us handle the paperwork.

Top Travel Fulfillment

Your Brand, Our Passion!

From 3PL Logistics to Fulfillment Solutions to Mail Services of all kinds, our team is committed to helping your team work more efficiently, cost-effectively and powerfully. When you team up with ShipWizard, you are choosing South Florida’s leading provider of 3PL services for businesses of all sizes and from all industries.