Destination Travel Marketing Benefits From Good Fulfillment

Travel marketing companies, otherwise known as destination marketing organizations, have a lot of balls to juggle each and every day. Travel literature fulfillment doesn’t have to be one of them if travel marketing companies partner with the right 3rd party logistics firm.

Unexpected Travel Fulfillment Talents from 3PL

For most people, 3rd party fulfillment means boxes going out the door to an end customer, but the truth is that a travel 3PL is a lot more than boxes and labels. In fact, the best 3rd party logistics companies also house print shops, have a mailing department, as well as storage and housing for all sorts of mailable promotional materials.

ShipWizard has a long history with printing, mailing and tourism, and helping clients with destination travel marketing in general.

Stop wasting time. Leave your mailing to us.

Your travel marketing company has never had so much coverage in an area that takes up as much of your time that fulfillment can. Stop wasting time on the parts of your presentations that can be left to mailing experts, instead let us help you in ways like:

Outsourcing Your Travel Fulfillment = Success

ShipWizard is your number one resource for travel and tourism fulfillment. We’ve been helping companies just like yours do more in less time for decades, give us a chance to keep the tradition alive today! Just call us at (800) 967.0030 or send us a message to get started on a free quote for a single mailer or a whole host of services that will make it easier for you to make more money.