Looking for Quality in a 3PL Partner

It is often the best decision for an expanding e-commerce or brick-and-mortar store, to contract a 3PL company to handle their warehouse logistics. However, it’s understandably a difficult decision to entrust another party with the responsibility of managing your day-to-day fulfillment. How do you find the perfect provider for you that will respect your brand, keep the lines of communication hot, and fulfill your orders in the timeliest way? Take some advice from us, ShipWizard– we’ve worked with clients of all sizes, and we know what they tend to look for and what is most important for a happy relationship between client and partner.

Judge What Is Important– And Don’t Compromise

Warehouse logistics is a complicated field, with lots of moving parts to consider. While initially it might seem reckless to entrust it to a party with a marginal stake in your company’s continued success, the expertise that an experienced 3PL provider can offer should make up for any initial misgivings. Being able to satisfactorily handle the finer aspects of warehouse logistics, such as climate control, should improve confidence in the contractor.

Understanding Warehouse Logistics

You should look for a provider that is confident working with any e-commerce technology you utilize. If their warehouse logistics software isn’t compatible with your own, it’s a red flag that they aren’t taking technological flexibility seriously as an ongoing concern, and given the anticipated developments in the fields of shipping and warehouse logistics, they will likely prove poor partners in the future, where your competitors will have the advantage of 3PL partners on the cutting edge of efficiency in fulfillment. Additionally, you should look for a provider that offers full-service domestic and international shipping. While your company may only be open to the domestic market at present, you want to leave yourself open to straightforward expansion in the future.

While it’s unpleasant to think about, it’s important to demand high standards of your 3PL provider when it comes to security. Shrinkage and damage cuts directly into your profits, and can quickly gobble up any money saved from your partnership with your provider. The minimum warehouse logistics you should accept, security-wise, are security cameras inside and outside the premises. Ideally, background checks and routine drug testing will be carried out on warehouse personnel to guarantee a high standard of employee conduct.

Reverse logistics can often be the most intricate element of warehouse logistics. Ask any potential provider what solutions they have in place for returns management. It should prioritize quality service, high visibility, and of course, efficiency. You need your customer to maintain a high opinion of your business by having a positive and productive return experience that encourages them to continue a relationship with your brand. You may also want to enquire about what provision your potential partner makes for preparing returns for resale.

We are committed to you and your business.

Consider ShipWizard if you’re in need of third-party warehouse logistics management.

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