Smarter Warehouses Improve Efficiency and Save You Money

Modern warehouse storage exists as a robust environment that can grow and evolve with your company’s needs, allowing you to scale effortlessly.

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Have You Outgrown Your Warehouse Space?

When you’re in the wholesale or retail space, one of the most challenging problems you’ll face regularly is figuring out just how much of what product to put where. As your company grows and gains more outlets for products, you may find yourself scrambling for more storage or trying to weed out products that aren’t as popular to make room.

Before you buy or rent another warehouse space that you’ll be constantly shuffling products into and out of or plan to build more storage on your existing property, take a look at what your favorite 3rd party logistics firms have to offer. Without a significant injection of cash, your basic warehouse space is unlikely to be as efficient as the kind of smart warehouse that’s available through a 3PL.

Warehouses Aren’t Just for Storage These Days

Smarter Storage Impacts Your Processes and the Bottom Line

Your in-house storage worked fine when your company was smaller and you only had a few products, but the more complex your inventory becomes, the more complex your system has to become. This is where it starts to get tricky. A more complex warehouse management system can be used to increase efficiency, unless it doesn’t and only manages to create more headaches.

That’s where having a 3rd party logistics partner handle your upgraded warehouse storage becomes such a value. You don’t have to supply the AI-assisted equipment, the warehouse management system that can locate anything in the warehouse and keeps a great deal of data on each SKU, or train the additional employees in agile supply chain practices.

All you need to do is grow your business and let your 3PL handle the tedium of warehousing and distribution. In other words, let your 3PL partner customize your smart warehouse. You’ll even have access to reports on product sales that can, given enough information, predict how much inventory you need to keep in stock to fulfill orders without having too much extra that just never sells. In many industries, that alone can be a major cost, even if you can recycle part of the unsellable material.

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Scalable Warehouse Space is a Must Have

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Modern warehouse spaces have something for every single business that needs a distribution center.

The tech, the highly trained workers and the scalable space are plenty of reasons alone to take a look at them. Just be sure that when you choose a 3PL partner, you select one that will allow you to change your warehouse usage throughout the year.

Maybe you sell a lot of your product in the spring, but come summer it’s pretty dead. There’s no reason to pay for storage you’re not using, is there? Same goes for your run up to the holiday season. If you have a lot of holiday shoppers, having temporary access to more storage so you can stock up on popular items before prices rise in response to demand could save you plenty.

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