Lettershop Services (also referred to as Letter Shop Services) are outsourced services, often part of larger fulfillment services, that work with you and your team to help make everything you do with mail and mailings more efficient, streamlined and cost-effective.

As with other 3PL and fulfillment services, when you have a good lettershop on your team, you are freed up and able to better focus on core moneymaking parts of your business.

Lettershop Services Make For Better Deliveries

Often, clients will seek to outsource their lettershop services and other mailing services when the process gets too complicated and/or time-consuming to do the job in-house. An outsourced lettershop, whether on its own or as part of a larger fulfillment services team and package, usually has the expertise, the equipment and the bulk pricing capabilities and agreements that individual businesses simply cannot match on their own.

Some mailing and lettershop-related services might include:

  • Assembly
  • Binding
  • Collating and inserting
  • Bursting
  • Trimming
  • Kitting and assembling
  • High-speed folding
  • Polly-bagging
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Tabbing and wafer seals

Most lettershop professionals will also handle the following:

  • Deduping of mailing list
  • Addressing/labeling
  • Stamp affixing and metering
  • Preparation of the mailing in compliance with USPS regulations
  • Delivery to the post office

Whether you are mailing newsletters, postcards, invitations, special announcements, brochures or marketing, sales or communications pieces, giving the job to the experts will, without exception, give you more time and save you financially. What’s more, most experienced and well-run lettershops offer customers all sorts of options for printing, paper types, design and more.

ShipWizard Lettershop Services

At the ShipWizard Team Letter Shop, for instance, we clean up your mailing list, removing duplicates, deleting bad address and making sure everything is correct and up-to-date. We also work with you to provide bulk mailing and high volume mailing services that are both appropriate to your needs and affordable within your budget. If it is shipped, printed, affixed or mailed, chances are we can help you with it!