FDA and cGMP Centified How Can We Help?
Providing businesses of all sizes with comprehensive 
solutions for ecommerce fulfillment services
and third party logistics.

End-to-End 3PL Services

How Can We Help?
Providing businesses of all sizes with comprehensive 
solutions for fulfillment, ecommerce fulfillment 
and customer service.

End-to-End 3PL Services

Fulfillment Services

eCommerce Fulfillment

As your “one-stop shop” for e-fulfillment, we give you a solution that is based on the highest standards of customer service.

For your Internet-based business…

We make it simple to integrate your e-business with our 24/7 fulfillment operations.

Reverse Logistics

Our returns management system gives both you and your customer total visibility into the process, from start to finish.

Easy returns make good business sense…

Your customers come back for repeat purchases, and your business benefits from an efficient,  streamlined process that makes sense.

Mail Services

Our mail services offer streamlined, cost-effective options for businesses of all sizes.

From here to there, and everything in-between…

You tell us what you need, and we’ll create – and then implement – a customized mail program that works for you and your customers.

COVID-19 Outbreak Updates

Yes, we are open.

ShipWizard is currently open as an essential business under the ordinances and guidance of Broward County, Florida. We continue providing 3PL fulfillment services to our clients nationwide.

Shopping Cart Integration That’s Easy, Streamlined & Cost-Effective.

Sell. Automate. Track. Update: Our Mail Order Management system integrates simply – yet powerfully – with most popular shopping carts.

Some Words From Our Clients

Our expansion into the US would’ve never been possible without the strategic partnership with ShipWizard. Their qualified team at our service, has permitted us to deliver happiness in each and every state across the USA, making satisfied families all around America. We can’t imagine our US existence and continuous growth without ShipWizard’s helping hand. We feel proud, we feel safe, we feel home


The ratio of guides mailed to requests received has decreased, because ShipWizard does address verification to ensure guides are mailed to a correct, valid address, and removes duplicates. Global also prevents prank mailings, such as the time, before ShipWizard Services, when someone had 600 guides all sent to a store address. The result is that our expenses have decreased and the numbers in the reports are true numbers.

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Why ShipWizard?

Providing 3PL Services Since 1980

A longtime leader in providing premier 3PL services to businesses of all sizes, as well as to e-Retailers throughout the U.S. and internationally, ShipWizard works as your trusted and dedicated business partner, from eCommerce fulfillment to mail services to reverse logistics and more.

Your Brand, Our Passion!

From 3PL Logistics to Fulfillment Solutions to Mail Services of all kinds, our team is committed to helping your team work more efficiently, cost-effectively and powerfully. When you team up with ShipWizard, you are choosing South Florida’s leading provider of 3PL services for businesses of all sizes and from all industries.