Cutting-Edge Technology

Technology that allows us to deliver your Fulfillment Services with efficiency, expertise and the highest level of service.

Here is the simple truth: The better our technology, the better we are able to serve you as your Fulfillment Services provider. With that in mind, when it comes to harnessing the power of technology to deliver fulfillment services, we take our role in the operation and growth of your business very seriously.

Some of our technology certifications, tools and capabilities include:

  • Certifications. We are a Microsoft® and Citrix® Systems Certified business that supports multiple platforms including Ecometry®, Multichannel Order Manager, Sybase®, Nortel®, Foundry Networks, Cisco, EMC, Dell®, Braxtel Communications and Tascom.
  • Telecommunications. Nortel Meridian Option 81 ACD switch; Nortel Symposium; Prosodie Interactive Voice Response (IVR); Voice Broadcasting; Dialogic Predictive Dialing; Conference calling; Terminal Emulation; Palettech Computer Telephony Integration.
  • Network Operations. Citrix access infrastructure – enables business-critical applications to be managed from a single control, so every seat receives maximum support and monitoring. We use MS SQL servers for data processing. Onsite-All NOC systems are redundant and mission critical applications have multiple redundant online resilient systems. OC12 SMARTRing makes us a node on the AT&T local fiber loop. Various DS3, T-3, MPLS, Frame Relay and T-1 lines accommodate outgoing and incoming telecom and data communications, supporting a wide variety of carriers preferred by our clients.
  • Offsite. Archived data mirroring. We have back-up sites-in Michigan. Power generators, automatic transfer switching, online uninterruptible power, with fuel to keep it all going.
  • Customer Relationship Management. Palettech by ShipWizard – offers the unique blend of advanced CRM technology and the personalized warmth of the human voice to reach new levels of customer response, make real-time changes to marketing campaigns and provide real-time reporting – all while minimizing set-up time and costs. It is also a patented web pop application, allowing us to load your web site or URL at the same time the phone rings. This is one of the primary reasons our agents can access information so quickly and easily, making them knowledgeable and efficient. Palettech seamlessly integrates our ecommerce, fulfillment and contact center services with your data, and can save you millions in proprietary CRM systems.
  • Order Management. Multichannel Order Manager and Ecometry are powerful order management software that offer real-time inventory, backordering, QAS address verification and rapid data entry, and many more features, and are surrounded by a user group that includes some of the premier catalogs of the world. Every ShipWizard representative who works in this skillset must be trained on Multichannel Order Manager and/or Ecometry.
  • Reporting. Our secure Internet portal allows clients 24/7 access to mission critical reports – ensures that your decision-making is based on current, accurate reports. Our fulfillment services program data is available to you in various formats, including Web-based, FTP site, email and fax distribution.
  • Web-Based Chat. New pathways to upselling and interacting with customers to make every contact more satisfying and more profitable.
  • Workforce Management. ShipWizard uses Blue Pumpkin® WorkForce Management, by Witness Systems, to create and calibrate CSR schedules, generate call center trends and averages, and forecast call volumes and agent staffing needs to help us better serve your customers.