If your customized fulfillment services program includes wholesale business, you will most likely also need a fulfillment partner that understands supply chain and Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI.


What is EDI? EDI is a system for exchanging business documents in an efficient and timely manner. Managing your supply chain in the most cost-effective manner is crucial to your bottom line.

Speaking the same language. EDI allows all of your business systems, as well as those of your retail partners, to effectively speak the same language. As a result, EDI can speed up business cycles, in some cases significantly. The quality of your data is improved, meaning that human or other errors stemming from things like bad keystrokes or hard-to-read handwriting are reduced, again significantly.

Keeping things efficient and simple. When talking about EDI, it’s important to remember that the term itself refers to both the transmission of the data and its translation into the standard format. At the end of the day, all of this standardization and “speaking the same language” leads to greater efficiency and compatibility because everyone involved in or needing order information is on already the same page without human intervention. With automation becoming more and more of a necessity rather than a nice perk, EDI is a must for all involved.

Electronic commerce services and supply chain management for logistics management and wholesale business. Using EDI solutions, we ship to any national retail store chain. You can rest assured that we are on top of the process from start to finish, and fully understand supply chain requirements and review vendor routing guidelines, vendor compliance documents and other third-party fulfillment documentation requirements necessary to maintain fulfillment and shipping compliance at all times. 

Giving your retail clients what they expect. Chances are that your retail clients will demand that merchandise be labeled in a specific way, to be shipped a specific way, to receive orders and communicate shipping notifications systematically and also in a specific way. Not following these protocols and specifications will result in surcharges – an outcome no one wants.

EDI Integration
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Where To Start?


As your fulfillment partner, we understand the complexities of EDI requirements for all major retailers, and have expertise in several EDI areas. Fulfillment clients start with stand-alone software or web-based EDI capabilities to run a complete operation, including document turn-around, label printing, and shipping documents. Shipping to a distribution center or a store is different from drop-shipping to the consumer.

Your small business solutions expert. Since 1974, we have been leaders in creating and implementing customized small business solutions. Our solutions are affordable, and include the same high level of functionality and usability that you require and have come to expect. What’s more, our clients of all sizes are able to use the same powerful software technology, ensuring efficiency and a range of key capabilities.

Benefits and features of EDI include:

Inventory control is key part of proper warehousing and logistics management and in order to minimize the time from receiving to stocking and making products available to sell, retailers typically request a myriad of services to be made available to them from the third-party logistics business fulfillment partners. This includes labeling, detailed packing lists, and more.

When shipping at the SKU level, carton level or pallet level, we understand the special requirements needed to get your shipping needs right the first time.

We understand the unique complexities of the UCC128 label. Whether your client is receiving into a DC or cross docking your shipment, we make sure the label is correct and scannable. Unscannable labels can cost your company money and hold your product up in receiving and delay delivery to the sales floor.

Making sure your Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) transmissions are processed in the time frame required by your client is critical for their supply chain management. ASNs are transmitted the same day your shipment leaves.

SKU management is critical for your client. If we are producing labels for your product or cartons, we make sure they are right the first time. We also follow vendor guidelines and place the labels in their designated spots. Improperly placed labels can cause chargebacks and sales delays – both to be avoided at all costs.

We will configure your pallet shipments to make sure no pallet space is wasted, while making sure your clients’ pallet shipment specifications are met.

Every client requests different information to be included on the shipping documents. We make sure every document is completed to your clients’ specifications.

When your client requires delivery scheduling within 48 hours of delivery we follow up to make sure the carrier meets these deadlines and delivers your product on the scheduled delivery date.


We are committed to you and your business.

Remember, as your eCommerce Fulfillment Services partner, we are here for you – and your customers – at every step of the way.

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