Distribution for Vitamins Should Be Fast, Accurate and Reliable

Vitamins Distribution

You started a vitamin eCommerce store in order to help people live healthier lives, but it seems like every day you have more and more complaints from customers who are frustrated because their orders haven’t arrived or are incorrect. There has to be a better way to find good fulfillment services for vitamins, right?

Include a Distribution Service to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your customers are frustrated because packages are slow or their orders are wrong far too often for it to just be a coincidence. It’s easy to make mistakes with vitamins, after all. So many of the vitamin packages and boxes look so much alike. On top of that, you’ve grown so quickly that you simply didn’t have time to consider how you’d continue to fulfill all these packages, and now you may be in real trouble.

Never fear! Your growing company just needs the help of a fulfillment and distribution service for vitamins like ShipWizard. Vitamins are tricky to handle by hand, but when you add technology and highly trained warehouse staff to the mix, suddenly your order distribution kicks it into fifth gear.

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You’ll immediately notice a difference in your customer calls and emails when your order fulfillment process includes:

Because vitamins do look so much alike, we don’t pick them by sight. Instead, we store them in bins with specifically assigned SKUs that can be read by hand-held bar code scanners. This ensures that we’re always picking the right vitamins for each order, rather than taking a chance on grabbing a similar-looking package.

Having lots of data on your orders and remaining inventory makes it simple for us to keep you well-stocked with your most popular items. We can even reorder inventory for you, as well as accept it, as necessary just to lighten your load a bit more. Rotating things that expire, like vitamins, very carefully is also vital to a good customer experience. No one wants to get a bottle of outdated vitamins.

Centralized warehouses and good relationships with multiple shippers mean we can get your orders moved faster than ever. Your reach may not be on par with a particular mega Internet retailer, but your customers won’t even notice with how quickly your orders go from click to ship to their doorstep. Not having to sacrifice speed for accuracy or vice versa can go a long way toward that problem you’ve been having lately with losing sleep, too.

When your shoppers order vitamins, they have certain expectations from a fullfillment service for vitamins like yours.

They expect those vitamins will arrive quickly, their orders will be accurate and that you’ll do the same thing over and over again. It can be tough to keep this pattern up when you’re growing so fast, but your 3PL partner will happily make you look like a champ. ShipWizard is ready and waiting for your call at (800) 976.0030 or you can drop us a line at your convenience for your custom vitamin fulfillment quote.

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