The Client: SureFlap

U.K.-based with U.S. HQ in Clearwater, FL

The Products:
Award-Winning Pet Doors, Pet Feeders, Pet Accessories based on microchip technology

The Services:
Fulfillment/3PL services include: Pick, Pack, Ship


ShipWizard has been our trusted fulfillment partner in the USA for four years, and has done a great job for us with very little contact from us.

In 2010, when we were looking for a company that could do all of our pick and pack and dispatch, ShipWizard ticked all of the boxes and of the four companies I met with, their fulfillment team and facilities met all of our needs. We sell through our own website to end consumers and retailers, so order sizes are varied with no real pattern as to the size of frequency of orders. Our webshop sends our orders through to ShipWizard twice a day, and without fail the orders appear on their system and are picked/packed and dispatched quickly, with tracking numbers for our customer service team when required.

As a retailer using a third-party fulfillment house, it is important to have up-to-date inventory reports, confirmation of the stage an order is at within the warehouse and tracking information for ourselves and the client. All three of these are readily available and searchable through the ShipWizard portal 24/7, so being in the U.K. and working in a different timezone has never been an issue. ShipWizard has also done some repackaging and testing of product for us, and the hourly rates are very favorable for these services, too.

So, if you are looking for a company that can run your U.S. fulfillment with confidence, I would thoroughly recommend ShipWizard.

Andy Bank, SureFlap