Mailing marketing and promotional materials, as well as routine communications and other information, can be, well, a pain.

Whether they’re promotional fliers, catalogs or coupons, it can take a lot of work to pull off a successful direct mail campaign that you may be left wondering if it’s really worth all that effort at all. Sure, you got some new customers, but your offices were a mess for weeks, your intern managed to get himself tangled in self-sticking labels and the post office decided to hike its rates the weekend before you had everything ready to go, adding additional costs to your already over-budget mail-out.

What if you could hire a company to do all that work somewhere else, saving you time, money and headaches?  Well, that’s what you do when you contract with one of the 3rd party logistics companies that provide literature fulfillment services. Literature fulfillment, also sometimes known as printing fulfillment services, is the answer to a small business owner’s most desperate pleas for help with direct mail. Professional literature fulfillment services do everything, from printing your documents to addressing and mailing them promptly so your customers learn about (and buy!) your new specials before they’re over.

The Benefits of Printing Fulfillment Services

It sounds simple enough, but we’re actually pretty busy behind the scenes.

Our data management specialists start by creating a mailing list just for your customers or potential customers you hope to convert. They analyze addresses, removing duplicates and bad addresses before you’re forced to pay shipping on those dud letters, then organize your mailing so that you’ll get the best prices on bulk mailing possible. Your custom mailing database is coded so you can better track your customers, then saved for your next big direct mail campaign.

Once we receive your flyers, postcards, catalogs or brochures, we send have them folded, collated, assembled and bagged before being addressed. Finally, they head off to the post office for their trip to their final locations. We can also process the future influx of special orders created by your mailer and any complaints that customers may have about receiving your literature. In short, if it has anything to do with your mailers, we can handle it.

Sure, you could have your staff do all your printing, stuffing and mailing, but don’t they have something else they should be doing?  All our literature fulfillment teams do is literature fulfillment — they’re experts in their fields and can get your project out and into mailboxes in a matter of days instead of the weeks it could take if you can only work on mailers during your downtime. Faster mail means faster conversions, more sales and a higher return rate — that’s something every small business can use.