The Impact of COVID-19 on eCommerce

While most brick-and-mortar stores are still reeling from the enforced closure under measures taken by state governors and other officials to slow the spread of the coronavirus, others turn to how COVID-19 and ecommerce fulfillment will affect each other. ShipWizard is one such third-party logistics company working hard to ensure that fulfillment is not overly impacted at this time.

The spread of COVID-19 (and the panic spread by news and social media) has had a substantial effect on consumer behavior. The panic buying of household staples such as toilet paper, sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer, and foodstuffs like dried pasta and rice has strained the supply chain. People unable to get their hands on the supplies they feel essential for survival during the COVID-19 pandemic turning to ecommerce are creating a surge in online shopping, as are people trying to stay home and practice social distancing by instead shopping online. Even distribution centers for large companies like Amazon have been affected.

The Impact of COVID-19 on eCommerce

COVID-19 Reveals Fulfillment Challenges

COVID-19 Reveals Fulfillment Challenges

Across the United States, COVID-19 developments are revealing points of weakness in the distribution network. Fulfillment by Amazon has been affected, as they shift to focusing on delivering essentials like food and medical supplies and substantial delays in other fulfillment pile up. Incidents of warehouse workers being diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) have contributed to the delays. 

ShipWizard’s 3PL Services During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Under the ordinances of guidance of Broward County, Florida, ShipWizard and its ecommerce fulfillment centers are open as an essential business. With many companies shifting their operations online as more and more counties and states implement ‘shelter-in-place’ measures and curtail retail operations, ecommerce is a lifeline for many working from home or unable to leave their home due to disability or compromised immune systems. We continue to provide 3PL fulfillment services to our clients nationwide. 

In order to protect our ecommerce clients and their customers, we are taking additional precautions, stepping up our sanitizing protocols. Online orders of medical devices and health-related equipment have stepped up in response to the pandemic, and we are rising to the occasion to make sure these supplies get where they need to be and in as much safety as possible. As always, we are committed to offering a customized fulfillment solution from start to finish that works seamlessly with your online infrastructure.

3PL for Medical Devices

Third-party logistics for the medical device industry requires a high standard of customer service and coordination. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this requirement more evident and urgent than ever before. 

Patients and consumers require on-time and accurate delivery of their medical devices. The quality of their health care depends on it. Operation rooms can be held up if timely deliveries are not made. Modern, top-quality management systems and well-trained, experienced, professional staff should be priorities for both 3PL companies looking to offer their services to medical device companies, and also for clients seeking a suitable 3PL provider.

COVID-19 Reveals Fulfillment Challenges

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ShipWizard provides end-to-end third-party logistics services that will manage your risk and serve the unique needs of medical device distribution. Over our 45+ years in business, we have built a brand that focuses on clients’ businesses. These days, that translates to offering a 3PL solution customized available to support your business in the times of crisis. Learn more about our Medical Device 3PL service, or call us today to discuss your business needs: (800) 967-0030.

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