Accurate warehouse management is probably one of the most important aspects of Fulfillment services. From simple product level counts to more complex features such as composites, or pre-scheduled shipments – we give you as much flexibility in setting up and managing your stock items as you might expect from a fulfillment leader.

Improve your inventory management and operational efficiencies by monitoring product replenishment, utilizing our online reports and automatic real-time adjustments as orders are processed or returned.

It may be difficult at times to manage product demand with inventory availability without also increasing the on hand stock costs. Too high of an on hand stock increases fulfillment costs and reduces profitability. Too low of a stock level causes out of stock levels which increase delivery costs and reduces profitability.

Our state of the art warehouse management system (WMS) will help you manage your inventory, assuring you have the products you need, when you need them. The best approach is to balance stock with demand and products delivery timeline. Another is to identify the top 20% of your product, the high demand products which should never be on backorder – manage it well and watch your inventory management costs decrease significantly.

Varied Stock Management

Our Warehouse Management System gives you the flexibility to manage virtually any type of product.

  • Composite “Kit” Items: for products made up of other items and sold as a set or group.
  • Continuity Plans: for continuity programs or auto-ship programs where you establish the shipping frequency
  • Fractional Quantity: for items sold “by the pound” or “by the yard”
  • Color and Size: Use the size and color matrix for clothing, apparel, or any item with a variety of selections.
  • Service Items: for items with “no physical inventory” such as print screening or imprinting.

Inventory Management Services

In addition to the stock management components in out warehouse management, the following are other key aspects of our inventory management system:

  • Bar Code – Barcoding is ideal for programs with many part numbers, SKUs, or confusing products. We support Universal Product Codes, UPC Bar Codes
  • Scan and Pack – A multi-step picking and verification process assures accuracy. Scanning and Packing is effectively used in complicated programs. Have the comfort of knowing your orders are going out as accurately as possible
  • Payment Plans: for financial plans such as “3 easy payments of just $19.99 each”
  • Taxable or Non-Taxable Items: according to the appropriate sales tax laws
  • Items with Special Shipping Requirements: including items with unique shipping charges and other requirements such as “ships in its own container”
  • Price Management: Choose from powerful pricing table and set up any one or combination of parameters to automatically establish a price or discount for stock items under just about any special selling parameters such as “wholesale customers” or “limited time offer”
  • Warehouse Location: assigning bin and pallet locations has never been so easy for accurate picking
  • Subscriptions: for magazines and newsletters handling, count information and printing mailing labels for mailings

We store, manage and provide fast accurate inventory information so you don’t have to invest in your own systems. We monitor your inventory so you can keep larger varied stock.