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Continuity Orders

Continuity Orders Can Win Over More Loyal Customers

Continuity orders, commonly known these days as “subscription boxes,” offer your customers an opportunity to sample a wide range of products each month, or at whatever intervals you/they choose. It takes a great product fulfillment and continuity order team to make sure those boxes get to their destinations on time.

Today’s shoppers have so many merchants they can choose between for anything from pet supplies to cosmetics that it can be overwhelming. Instead of screaming in their faces, win them over slowly with subscription boxes showcasing your most popular wares.

Customers Love Subscription Boxes!

If you could walk into your favorite store and grab a bunch of samples, would you take a chance on products you’d never been willing to try before? Most continuity order subscribers would heartily shout “YES!”

For these shoppers, a continuity order is more than just a series of boxes of random products, it’s an experience. It doesn’t matter as much what’s in the box, the unboxing can be just as interesting as the products. As long as the customer feels that the value is good and you’re comfortable with the return, anything goes (within reason, of course).

Many eCommerce retailers are relying on continuity orders to introduce their less popular items to an audience that may have never noticed those items before. Even if just five or ten percent of those subscribers go on to make that item a permanent part of their lives by refilling or replacing it regularly, you’ve managed to grow your revenue stream and reduce waste. Double win!

Trust Your Subscription Box Fulfillment to a Reliable 3PL

Potential applications

Continuity orders are one of the easiest ways to introduce your products to new potential customers, especially if they’re not quite sure what kind of service they may get from you. Other companies use these boxes to encourage loyal customers to participate in limited-time-only events. The potential applications are incredible.

Even with different boxes serving different goals, these companies all share one thing in common: if their subscription boxes aren’t fulfilled on time, every time, customers start to lose faith and will eventually look elsewhere for neat, new or hard to find goods.

This is where we come in. Armed with the products you want to place in each box and a list of subscribers, your continuity orders go into the system and are fulfilled with the same speed and accuracy of any other product in need of distribution. You can choose to have us kit all of your items together, or kit just a few if you’re offering multiple box configurations, in order to speed up the pick process.

Continuity Fulfillment Without Limits.

Most warehousing and distribution centers can handle the load when a small company comes on board. As that little business matures, adding dozens, hundreds or even thousands of SKUs to their catalog, the majority of those 3PLs will fall apart. They simply don’t have the space, the manpower or the tools to keep up as your business scales larger and larger.

That’s why we’re different. We assume you’re only going up and we want to be there to help. Your warehouse space can expand and contract to meet your needs and our highly trained team won’t even blink if you bring us hundreds of little items to pick, pack and ship out to your customers.

If you’ve been considering offering subscription boxes, let ShipWizard help you get started.

We are committed to you and your business.

Remember, as your eCommerce Fulfillment Services partner, we are here for you – and your customers – at every step of the way.

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