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Warehouse Storage

Warehouse Storage and Product Fulfillment

Configurable storage locations provide both normal and secure areas and allows fulfillment positioning of full pallets or shelving positions.
Whether your fulfillment program calls for just a couple of shelves, multiple bins, or several pallets, we can accommodate you. We also provide space for larger programs. Our warehouses provide several features such as:

  • climate-controlled warehouse area
  • multiple loading docks
  • loading dock that are protected against bad weather
  • pallet storage
  • secure areas
  • Internet enabled video monitoring

As a Fulfillment partner, we examine your warehouse storage needs and take advantage of available cube space when storing your products. Maximizing this cube space is essential to cost-effectiveness. Remember that if accuracy and affordability are ensured, you will remain competitive and be able to see your business expand and grow in the process. The right storage application improves your profitability.

A word about our company and our services

Since 1974 ShipWizard has been providing clients with the highest quality fulfillment services for both product and literature, and includes web based order fulfillment reports, package tracking, real-time inventory management, sales, shipping, warehouse storage and print and mailing services. Outsourcing your fulfillment services has numerous benefits to consider, such as:

  • climate-controlled storage areas if required
  • loading docks that are protected against bad weather
  • pallet storage
  • secured storage zones

You’ll be assured that your brand identity will be maintained in the process with the highest quality customer service possible. Imagine being able to extend your company vision accurately and cost-effectively so that you continue to expand your business while at the same time remaining competitive. More importantly, the time saved by outsourcing fulfillment will provide you with the needed time to focus on your growing business.

We provide you with a logistics management reporting portal via the Internet that is available 24/7. This enables you to keep track of critical aspects of your warehouse storage operations including order fulfillment reports, package tracking, real-time inventory management, sales, and shipping.

We are committed to you and your business.

When it comes to offering you the pharmaceutical fulfillment services you most need (and not recommending those you don’t!) all of our fulfillment services are customized and comprehensive from end-to-end. Let’s talk more about fulfillment and how we can best service you and your pharmaceutical company.

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