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Pick and Pack

Pick, Pack and Shipping: The Heart of Product Fulfillment Services

Pick, pack and ship (also known as “packing and shipping” and “pick and pack”) are more than just terms…they are at the very core of the distribution services that keep your business going and growing.

At many points along the way, every forward-looking business takes the time to stop and evaluate, looking at what’s working and where additional help or support are needed. When your product-based business – whether a traditional “brick-and-mortar,” an online store or a combination of both – moves beyond occasional shipments here and there, it may be time to look at outsourcing your pick, pack and shipping needs to a 3PL Service (Third Party Logistics Service) that offers a full range of fulfillment services.

Pick, Pack and Ship: The Core of Your Distribution Services Plan

Whether you have considered outside distribution service before, or this is your first time, it pays for you to look around and ask the right questions. You want a fulfillment services partner that doesn’t only offer pick and pack services, but one that offers a full suite of related services, is a recognized leader in its field, clearly outlines your costs up front and treats your business and your customers like partners from the start.

At ShipWizard, we take your business and your fulfillment needs very seriously. We are a family-owned and operated leader in the fulfillment world and we take 3PL clients and their services very seriously. These services are not just at the heart of your business, but at the very heart of ours, as well.

Ask your 3PL Services Provider About Pick and Pack

From marketing to ordering

When it comes to pick, pack and ship – as well as all other fulfillment and distribution services for your growing business – the more you know, the more successful you will be. From marketing to ordering to pick/pack/ship to shipping options to returns and so much more, you want a 3PL partner that will customize its services based on your – and your customers’ – specific needs. You want a fulfillment service that is focused on service, efficiency and your bottom line. And, ultimately, you want a fulfillment service that truly cares about you and your business.

Let’s discuss pick, pack, ship and all your fulfillment services

We want to talk directly to you and learn more about your business, your needs today and your plans for the future. Call our fulfillment services team directly at 800.967.0030 or send us a message.

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