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Moving Order Fulfillment Out of Your Basement is the First Step

Running a small- to medium-sized business is difficult enough without having to find the time and space to also handle your own order fulfillment. It might have been your only option at first, but your growing company needs a dedicated team to handle product distribution.

Small business owners are really good at wearing a lot of hats, from procurement to sales to marketing, but there comes a time when you’re stretched so thin that you aren’t really paying attention to the core components of your company. That’s when it starts to make sense to let go of duties like fulfillment and transfer them to a group of trained professionals that you can trust to get the job done while you’re focusing on other parts of your operation.

The one and only thing we do at ShipWizard is order fulfillment. Our trained professionals ensure that your products make it to their destination fast and accurately, so you never have to deal with a frustrated customer looking for an order.

It takes more than just sticking a label on a box to get the job done, but we have lots of help from things like:


Centrally-located warehouses. It only makes sense that your orders will take a lot longer to reach their destinations if your product warehouses are located far from your customer base. That’s why we have centrally-located warehouses! Instead of hoping that a product makes it across the country faster than expected, you know all your shipments will show up at about the same time, no matter how far away they are from your business location.

Strong shipper relationships. With increased pressure on shippers due to more inventory and the same amount of trucks to pack it into, it can be costly to ship a lot of merchandise without some kind of plan. We’ve already negotiated relationships with major shippers to ensure that you’re getting the best price possible. Because of our intimate familiarity with shipping options, we can even save you more money by rearranging shipments to go by the carrier that makes the most sense for each situation.

Lots of data. We live in a data-driven world and that computer-based knowledge is only getting more important every day. Our warehouses and fulfillment centers are designed with this idea in mind, which makes us able to not only reorder products for you before you need them, but to improve our own processes until they’re as fast and accurate as possible.

ShipWizard is here to help you move your business out of the basement and into the light.

Remember, as your eCommerce Fulfillment Services partner, we are here for you – and your customers – at every step of the way.

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