Order Fulfillment Trends

In the world of order fulfillment, there are a lot of changes affecting the market. E-commerce grew by around 45% in 2016, which continued an exponential rate of increase from the previous year. Every time another trend starts making waves, it changes the shape of the entire industry. This affects fulfillment companies near me, you, and throughout the country. A savvy entrepreneur will keep an ear to the ground, as 3PL for small business can have a bigger effect on their profit margins. The future belongs to those companies which can adapt most effectively, get there first, and provide the service that others can’t compete with successfully. Do you want to let your competition have the first bite at the cherry?

Multichannel Sales Means Order Fulfillment Must Step Up

With more brands diversifying onto multiple platforms, efficient and versatile types of warehousing services become more important. Multichannel technology enabling integration with a full range of sales channels is a new benchmark for literature fulfillment services and other 3PL fulfillment providers. EDI compliance is more essential than ever: if your company is not on board, your clients will likely find a provider that is.

Subscription Boxes Put Extra Stress on Order Fulfillment Services

Sephora. Dollar Shave Club. Lootcrate. What do these three companies have in common? They’re all loved by millennials, for one. Also (and this is no coincidence), they all have successful monthly subscription box services. Great for customers, who enjoy getting goods at a discounted rate and often enjoy the little novelties that ‘surprise’ boxes Lootcrate and similar services offer. Great for companies as well, who enjoy steady monthly income, and can often clear excess stock by bundling it into these boxes. While these subscription boxes do mean an increase in work for fulfillment providers (subscription box signups have increased by 3000% since 2013), it requires a higher standard of service too, with specialized packaging. Additionally, with different contents every month, the pick pack and ship process can be far more demanding.

Product Fulfillment

Increased Shipping Costs Squeeze Order Fulfillment Profits

Order Fulfillment 2

Shipping rates increase at rates outpacing inflation every year, and this trend is by no means new. With industry leviathans like Amazon offering free shipping options, other companies are feeling the pressure from online shoppers to follow suit, or at the very least offer more favorable rates. Order fulfillment specialists, at least, have an advantage over companies that do their shipping in-house, as they are well-positioned to perform data analyses and identify cheaper shipping methods.

Speed Above All

Every year the online sales pie gets bigger as department stores close and brick and mortar stores feel the pinch from high rents. Brands know that it’s vital to deliver orders swiftly and cheaply. Nutraceutical fulfillment and literature fulfillment services are two corners of the market leading the way in how quickly they can pack off orders. The later in the day your fulfillment company offers a shipping cutoff time, the better you look to clients.

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