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Website Must-Haves For Your Small Business

Crafting the perfect small business website is all about finesse and pizzazz.

A beautiful design, great offerings and a clever hook will bring some people to your site, but there’s more than just glamour behind a real hit. Your website needs good bones, a way to track what’s happening behind the scenes and some opportunities to grow to really be perfect.

Before you call your new digital home complete, make sure it incorporates the following:

A/B testing. You’d be shocked at just how much difference a green (or blue or red) button makes on a page. Sometimes it’s literally the difference between someone choosing your products or bouncing away. This is why A/B testing is so valuable for website owners of every size. Different elements you should test regularly include your calls to action, sales graphics, sales copy, product descriptions and headlines.

Responsive web design. Today’s web visitors are coming from absolutely everywhere and on any sort of device they can get their hands on. That’s why you have to have a responsive design for your site — you never know what your visitors might be surfing in on. Responsive design allows your website to scale from desktop down to Smartphone size automatically, creating a seamless experience for your users.

Social media integration. Although social media is more of a branding tool than a direct sales tool for many businesses, it’s still one of those things you’re expected to have these days. Social media integration doesn’t have to be painful and complicated, it could simply mean you’re adding a button that allows sharing for each page that might be of interest to the general public. You could also use your social media account as a place to promote your business blog.

Visible calls to action. Small businesses are still sometimes hesitant to ask visitors to sign up, click here or buy now — and they really shouldn’t be. Calls to action (CTAs) make it easier for your visitors to know just what to do, provided those CTAs aren’t over the top. A few classy, calm calls to action placed in highly visible spots will help a user move through your site more efficiently.

High quality analytics. Last, but definitely not least, your website needs to have an analytics package watching its every move. Even if you don’t sell anything through your site, analytics help you better understand who’s coming and going and what they’re doing when they’re on your site. This information can be used to retarget your marketing efforts, expand your operation or to optimize your site to encourage more clicks.

These days, a website is as vital to any business as a plan for warehousing and distribution. Without a well-crafted site, your small business risks losing customers who might have otherwise been very interested in what you have to offer. Your website is your first chance to make a strong impression on visitors, so be sure to put your best foot forward.

April 14, 2016
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