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Why Fulfillment Services Integration Benefits Your eCommerce Solution

When it comes to processing customer orders, every online business operates in a highly competitive market and needs to make the most of technology by being as efficient and effective as possible.

Customers choose to engage with businesses that provide them with control over their online shopping experience from the moment they place an order until the time the item arrives at their doorstep. Web-based businesses must employ ecommerce fulfillmentsolutions that support, anticipate and meet their customers’ needs.

At a basic level, this involves creating an ecommerce website withshopping cart integration; however, it is much more than this. A customer will also be expecting a range of fulfillment services (even if they don’t know that term!) to be at their disposal to ensure that their order can be processed quickly and without a hitch. From a business perspective, this can provide web-based businesses a competitive advantage over the competition, as well as increased chance for repeat business.

Online Customers Want Options From your eCommerce Site

Remember, your customers want options when they are using your eCommerce website. From an eCommerce perspective, your business needs to anticipate and integrate all stages of the supply chain and the customer’s experience. Your customer should also be able to track progress and know the status of an order at any time. Again, the customer journey through your eCommerce solution should be seamless.

From online browsing to in-person delivery. Your business ecommerce solution needs to be designed in such a way to guide your customer from viewing the product through to delivery. It is also possible for your business to track the progress of an order when deploying an eCommerce fulfillment system.

Bells and Whistles Don’t Replace A Streamlined eCommerce Process

You can have an attractive online site; however, without a process that includes shopping cart integration, you may struggle with those customers who decide not to follow through on their purchase. You want to know why someone didn’t buy and what happened. Tracking all interactions and transactions allows your business to analyze the customer journey so that you can see what products a particular customer looked at. You can then target these products towards them in the future (or the opposite if there was an issue).

Combining high-quality interactive content about your products or services with your eCommerce solution will help customers to make the correct choice for them. Images and product or service information should be provided in a variety of formats within your online store. Also, adding contact information – and making it prominent on every page – can be helpful to customers who experience any difficulties or have any questions while completing their transaction.

Empowering Your Customer, Increasing Your Bottom Line

The benefit to your customers of your ecommerce fulfillment and shopping cart integration will quickly become apparent. Your customers will be empowered to do business with you whenever they decide to go shopping, day or night. They will trust your ability to fulfill their order on time and to deliver when promised. They will see up-to-date information on stock levels and estimated delivery schedules. Having a fully integrated and streamlined eCommerce process will go a long way toward making your happy customers become repeat customers.

September 09, 2014
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