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Growing Your E-Commerce Business in 2021 (Part 1: Trends)

It has now been over a year since the coronavirus lockdowns began in the U.S., and businesses of all types have been forced to adjust and evolve. The e-Commerce industry was one that boomed in 2020, with U.S. consumers spending over $861 billion online- an incredible 44% increase year over year.

The most profitable e-Commerce businesses achieve success by paying close attention to several things, including what’s trending, the latest technology, and the wants and expectations of today’s consumers. In this three-part blog series, we will explore each of these topics and help business owners consider new ways to attract, impress, and retain customers. This first article will cover five of the biggest e-Commerce trends for 2021.

To help you stay ahead of the competition, here are some of the most important trends that e-Commerce business leaders need to be aware of in 2021:

More people continue to shop online

The pandemic has had a massive impact on shopping patterns, and one of those is a major push to online shopping. In 2020, online purchases increased while brick-and-mortar bought goods decreased. COVID will hopefully come to an end soon, but it is highly doubtful that these trends will completely reverse. Consumers have become accustomed to the ease and convenience of shopping online, and they will likely continue to do so for years to come.

More e-Commerce businesses are outsourcing order fulfillment

The increase in online shopping has increased the demand for e-Commerce order fulfillment services. If your current order fulfillment team is struggling to keep up with a high order volume, the team at ShipWizard is here to help! We work with all types of online businesses, and we are experts in eCommerce fulfillment.

B2B is evolving

B2B companies had previously sold to businesses via intermediary businesses. That trend is now changing, as B2B sales are occurring more and more online. This enables more direct sales to other businesses. This has a variety of implications all the way through the sales funnel, as salespeople are finding themselves looking for relevance. This trend is also further accelerating a trend to online sales and for other self-service platforms. 

Some B2B businesses are taking things a step further and have begun selling directly to consumers as well. If your business sells products that consumers may want, why not eliminate the middleman and sell directly to them?

Mobile shopping continues to increase

The trend of shopping on a mobile device is nothing new – indeed, it has been occurring for at least a decade. This trend is expected to continue to accelerate, with one study noting that 73% of all online sales occurred over a mobile device. This statistic makes it clear: All businesses must have mobile-friendly e-Commerce stores. However, this must be balanced against the need to continue to keep websites friendly for traditional computers, as 27% of all sales are still via a desktop. 

Consumers want eco-friendly

Consumers have always said that they wanted eco-friendly shopping options, but as environmental concerns continue to become more and more pressing, consumers are starting to make those statements with their wallets. Many customers actively say they want to do business with brands that are sustainable. This means that brands have to not only further embrace sustainability in their packaging and products, but must also advertise their sustainability practices as part of a coordinated marketing effort.

April 26, 2021
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